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What is your favorite time and place to read?  I read anywhere ~ anytime I can fit it in!  Grocery line, doctor’s office, breaks or lunch at work.  My favorite place to read is in the evening, in my living room with the fireplace cracking and a cup of Café’ Carmel Keurig style. 

How about writing time? This is a little trickier!  LOL  I have learned to write with kids running around or with people talking and walking by my cubical at work during my lunch hour.  My favorite time to write early Saturday mornings . . . Saturday afternoons . . . heck anytime I can sit at my clean desk and write.

Do you have to make time?  I work a full-time job, so yes, when I set a deadline date I also set a writing schedule.  That will be marks on the calendar that say 25% done with WIP, 50%, 75% and date finished 100%.  I am a stickler about deadline dates, so it’s rare for me to miss one.  It takes self-discipline to write, and without setting goals and deadlines ~ I think it’s too easy to procrastinate and not get the job done.

Do you have a ritual or is your plan helter-skelter? I had a quilting teacher who followed the Swiss-cheese method to completing tasks: Make a hole here, and sometime later a hole there; keep repeating this until the whole thing is complete. What's your method?  This Swiss-cheese method would send me over the edge.  I’m a ‘make a plan and follow it’ kind of girl.  I know the average time it takes me to write a chapter – so I plan it out ~ and mark my calendar when I need to reach quarterly goals . . . and hit my finished deadline.  I believe I have to plan and set goals to reach them.  It’s like planning a trip from Montana to Wisconsin.  I wouldn’t just jump into my car without knowing the route, hotels, costs, etc.  Same with planning to write a book; what is the plot – goal to reach at the end – what are mid-marks, ideas to be weaved into the beginning – middle – end?  It’s all about setting out on an adventure . . . with the keyboard and me . . . my goal – to write the best book I’ve ever written. 

Rita Karnopp ~ Multi-published author Rita Karnopp knew at a very young age she wanted to be a writer – and penned her first story at age sixteen. She is drawn to the history of the Native American and strives to bring alive the authenticity of a time past.  Whether writing suspense, Indian historicals, or contemporary romance, Rita enjoys bringing excitement and the enduring power of love to her stories. 
Rita currently resides in Montana with her husband and their loveable Cockapoo named Gema.  
     When she isn’t reading, writing or doing research, Rita enjoys making dream catchers, gold panning, crystal or sapphire digging, rafting, fishing, canoeing, and spending time with her children and grandchildren.
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Whispering Spirits

Devastated by her boyfriend’s murder, Summer Timber Wolf, Niipo Ómahkapi'si, goes back to Browning, Montana to take care of her Blackfeet grandmother. That choice finds her living in the ways of the old ones in a tipi on the shores of St. Mary’s River in the shadow of the Chief Mountains. Her Nah’ah tells her to listen to the whispering spirits of her ancestors. They are her shield, her past, her present and her future. Summer, however, is not so easily convinced.

It doesn’t take long before Summer realizes they’re not alone. Has her boyfriend’s killer found them? To protect her grandmother, Summer trusts their scout and protector, Cameron Running Crane. Soon she doubts her decision and wonders if he’s the kind of killer we instinctively fear the most; a loved one.

The truth will be revealed in time . . . what she doesn’t know is who will survive.



  1. When I had kids at home and I full time job, I was also much more methodical in my approach to everything. Good post!

  2. Well, did you know you blogging partner lives in a swiss cheese world? Great post, Rita. I'm glad you joined in. You always make the most interesting posts.

  3. I don't ever know when a book is 25% done, or 50% done. I write until the story is told, then I type "the end". Then usually a side character starts telling me their story also, so one book turns into 2...or a series.

    But like you, I work a lot. Fitting time in for writing is almost like a Holy Grail to me!


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