Friday, May 8, 2015


AHA...the title fooled you, didn't it?  You expected a recipe for cookies or fudge, but this post has nothing at all to do with food.  Tricky, huh?

I hope my former publisher, Lea Schizas from Muse it Up Publishing, doesn't mind me hi-jacking her idea for a blog topic.  Back when I was published with Muse, Lea had the great idea to create a TWOOK for each book offered.  The main reason, when you needed to tweet, you had something at your fingertips to use. and if we all used #twook, they would be tied together.  Everyone should have these on file.  I belong to Ask, and every once in a while you get to tweet about one of the books you have listed there.  I've used these many times.  I can't actually call them TWOOKS anymore, because that would really be stealing, so I call mine SWEETS (Short tweets). are the ones I keep handy:

First Degree Innocence – Ten years for a crime she didn’t commit and smack dab in a bully’s grasp.

Culture Shock- A move becomes a nightmare; new neighborhood and a serial killer targeting her look-alikes.

White Heart, Lakota Spirit – Captured by Indians, Grace must now decide where her heart lies.

Time Tantrums– Two women, two eras, two puzzled husbands.  She looks like his wife but claims she isn’t.

Sarah's Heart and Passion– Her heart aches for the half-breed who saves her, but is it love or pity?

Odessa – Saved by a handsome traveler, perhaps she should have listened to his warnings about saloon work.
The Locket – Can a pendant that causes the one wearing it to commit murder really be considered a gift?
Betrayed - Cassie Fremont joins an Internet dating site and too soon learns the cost to ride the roller coaster from Hell.

Destiny's Bride-A new bride abandoned on the prairie must decide whether the Indian she saves will be her savior or…
Shortcomings-Our shortcomings don't define us unless we let them.  Will Cindy overcome hers?

A Novel Murder-Why don't the images she sees show the murderer?  It's hard to report a case when you only see death through the eyes of a killer.
Hattie's Heroes-Can a raging river sweep a pioneer traveler into the future?  If so, what does she find to connect her to the future?
Ellie's Legacy-Ellie's heart proves to be her worst enemy when she sets out to prove she can do anything the new ranch foreman can.
Time-Invested- Separated by miles and war, will Megan and Ryan find the HEA they seek, or will WWII make Ryan a statistic?
Beaches - Can a local bar, a handsome guy, and getting the attention she misses at home make a wife think twice about her marriage...and what will she decide?

Discovery – In each of seven stories, someone makes a discovery.  Dare to be entertained?

Ages of Love:  Love comes at different stages of life, whether you’re young or old, Chastity, Faith and Hope discover just how special relationships can be.

Try and create catchy lines that will draw a reader's attention. You can actually use a hashtag to categorize them with their genere...#mystery, #romance, get my drift. They actually come in handy on lots of social media. Whether they work or not...I have no idea.  *lol*

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