Saturday, April 22, 2017

Book Reviews, Love Them or Hate Them? by Connie Vines

Victoria suggested this month’s topic. Reviews - Love 'em, hate 'em or totally ignore them. Amazon tells us the more 4 or 5 reviews the better of book sales.

I ignore reviews when I purchase a book.  I am more inclined to purchase a book that has won or was a finalist in a National or International contest:  H.O.L.T Medallion, National Book Award, Independent e-Book or  Romance Writers' of America Contest.  When peers honor you, it promises  a well crafted story.  Whereas reviews are subjective or give all the plot points, or, GASP, spells our the ending!

I’ve read books with horrible reviews because I know the author and ending up loving the books. I’ve read books by Best Selling authors with  πŸŒ πŸŒ πŸŒ πŸŒ πŸŒ  reviews, forced myself to finishing the novel and ended up bemoaning my lost cash. When I’m looking at buying or reading, I check out the topic/setting,  author, the cover, the blurb and the first page.

When it comes to my writing and garnishing of reviews,  I do place effort in the endeavor.  I blog, guest blog, toss freebies out on social media, post Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.  I've sat at rodeos, powwows, book stores, libraries, and live podcast feeds.   All resulted I a respectable number of book sales, but few online reviews.  The small publishing companies expect you to get and publish your own reviews.  Sounds easy, especially when your sales are respectable.  Unfortunately, people are more inclined to post a 'didn't like it review' much quicker than, 'I love it!'  πŸ˜ž--especially if the book was a free read or only cost 99 cents.

While I welcome well thought out reviews, I find the chase takes away from my writing and at that is self defeating.  This year, I'll be focusing more on promotion and branding. I believe this will result in increased sales.

I wouldn't say I hate reviews (I like a good review as much as any other author) but I appreciate a reader who runs up to me or sends me an email.  A reader who quotes my heroine, loves my hero, and cries at the end of each of my novels. I am a story teller.  And every story teller is looking for a happy ending!  Making my returning readers happy, is the best review!

 I look forward to reading what the authors have to say. I hope you read their blog posts, too.

Marci Baun
Dr. Bob Rich
Skye Taylor 
Helena Fairfax
Rachael Kosinski
A.J. Maguire
Margaret Fieland
Rhobin Courtright

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  1. I agree that reviews can be very misleading. Most often the reviewer posts their opinion, and I tend to believe they are honest, but it leaves many questions as to who they are. I often wonder on books with many, many reviews who wrote them all. A publicist?

  2. Unlike you, I do pay attention to reviews before considering a book. I don't necessarily accept them at face value, but they can be informative all the same. Sometimes, the reason stated for the negativity can be a good reason for me to want to read!

  3. Reviews are a very sticky subject; everyone seems to relish writing a scathing review but not a nice one. Tons of family and friends read my latest release, but only one published a review. Not that I'm snaking for a bunch of false five-stars, but any review helps! Even if they wrote "I read it." :P

  4. I agree with your post. You've mentioned many of the reasons I don't bother with reviews. I like your idea of working more on promotion and branding. I think that's the route that might work better for me, as well.


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