Saturday, July 22, 2017

What Do I Read?

What do I read?  This is the topic for this month's Round Robin discussion.

In my case, the questions should be, "What don't I read?

I read anything and everything within my line of sight.  If you show be a book, magazine article, odds are, I will ask if I can 'see' (meaning hold it so I can see the print).  If it is interesting, I will probably walk away absorbed.  Later, I will return the item.  I will apologize and offer you something  (pen, pencil, bookmark, perhaps a cookie).

However, this is not what Robin had in mind, I assume, when this topic was posted :-).

I never read a novel in the genre I'm currently writing.  This is because I read for enjoyment.  When I am working on a historical novel, I'm researching--therefore working.  This is way I do not read historical fiction during that time frame.

Right now I'm working on a contemporary novel and a fantasy novella.  So, I'll probably re-read Jane Eyre, or some historical time period via the Internet.  Victorian era, is likely or my personal fave, Ancient Egypt.

I enjoy print books and ebooks.  I can't quite get into the audio books.  I do have an old Kindle that does text-to-voice.  It is a robotic sound, but I do not find it distracting.  If I wish for sound effects, I'll turn in a movie or television show.  I do enjoy Podcasts--though this probably doesn't fall under the topic of reading :-).

I did peek at Dr. Bob's post and amended mine.  Dr. Bob doesn't write romance because of the 'romantic myth'.

I plot by the rules of "The Hero's Journey". (Dr. Joseph Campbell).  I can't say I believe in the Cinderella and the happily ever after, in a true sense, either.  What I do like is the 'magical' emotional world of a romance.  The need for emotional fulfillment is what a romance novel offers (though mine often deal with social issues).  When a woman works full-time while raising her family, married or unmarried, she is often emotionally worn-out.  Reading a romance or gentle fantasy novel (unlike an action/suspense/horror novel) will refill her emotional cup (fill and emotional void).  Providing her with the emotional re-charge to face the world the next day/ after a 30-lunch, etc.

Positive thoughts.

Sometimes we need to believe the world is/will be a kinder place, a simpler place, or a place with beautiful book covers (had to toss in my personal pet-peeve), to get us through a rough-spot, or give us a moment of inner piece.

I believe reading fiction provides a recharge.  Life can be so draining, physically and emotionally.

What harm is there in enjoying a happily-ever-after?  After all, you have spent several hours with your new-found friends, and you wish them well.

Happy Reading,


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  1. Hi Connie
    Interesting viewpoint! I use reading to recharge too, and I've read The Hero's Journey. So far, I think we all avoid reading the genre we're writing, at least while involved in the writing process.

  2. Like you, I never read the same kind of book I'm currently writing. I find that doing so gets confusing - it keeps me from focusing on the characters and plot I am creating. So I read a genre very different from whatever I'm writing and the two remain very much separate in my mind. I also read everything in sight. Not that I enjoy all of it, lately reading the newspaper is more of a downer than anything. But there are magazines, books, flyers and anything else with printed words everywhere in my house. God forbid I have to sit still anywhere (including the bathroom) for more than 30 seconds with nothing to read! But as for audio, there I have to disagree. I once had a one hour each way commute to and from work, driving through several rural areas where I constantly lost a signal so listening to the radio while I drove was an exercise in frustration. So, I started listening to books on tape, then it was books on CD and now it's audio - books on my phone that connect via blue tooth to my car's sound system. I have never listened to any with "sound effects" just those read by readers whose voices I enjoy listening to. Some of the readers are so good with dialects that you feel like you're in Scotland, or Australia. Some are so good at changing their voice just a tad that you always know when a man is reading a female part or a woman reading a male pov. In any case, I love listening to books while I drive, especially on long trips. (I think if everyone did there might be a lot less road rage.)

  3. Unlike the other two ladies...I do read historical western which is my favorite genre. I've learned a lot fro my fellow authors who share a love for my fav era of American history


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