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This month's topic is an excerpt dealing with travel or vacation in one of our novels.

Connie Vines, author, from the quirky suburbs of SoCal.
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I've taken an except from Lynx, Rodeo Romance, Book 1. 
This is just before my hero and heroine take a trip together.
This is also my 1st venture into podcasting.  I am also searching for the perfect mic and filter.

My except takes place in Running Springs, Montana before Lynx Maddox and Rachel Scott travel to Lubbock, Texas to meet his family.

They'd never made the trip to Missoula yesterday for supplies, deciding instead to spend the remainder of morning, in bed.  Afterwards, Lynx had told her stories and snacked on warmed leftover for dinner.

At first, Lynx's stories of his childhood had made her laugh. He'd been just as much of a hell raiser as a boy, evidently.  As he spoke more and more about his family, Rachel's fears mounted and hung over her like a blanket of fog.

Lynx had led a privileged life. And, contrary to Rachel's understanding, his parents were not small-town Texas ranchers.  A..J. and Elizabeth Maddox were founding members of community projects, pillars of the Lone Star State. A.J. Maddox lunched with Congressmen at the local cattlemen'a club, and Elizabeth Maddox arranged charity fashion shows.

No matter how much Lynx tried to reassure her to the contrary, Rachel had a feeling Maddox men did not get involved with someone from her background.

She hurried to the kitchen, as if by the act of making breakfast she could cope with everything. Lynx cared about her, she reminded herself. She'd always been stronger when he was near.

But did he love her?

"Of course he does," she whispered, trying to convince herself.  Why else would he take her to Texas?

Before Rachel could spoon the first ladle of pancake batter, Lynx was beside her, reaching for the coffee pot.

"I missed you," he said, kissing her on the temple.

She wasn't going to ruin the morning by giving into her fears, Rachel promised herself. Everything will work out for the best--it had to...



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Rhobin L Courtright


  1. Now One just HAS to know how that meeting went. Great descriptive passage

  2. Rachel shows great emotional wants and doubts leading to the upcoming journey! Enjoyed your excerpt.

  3. Clever of you to focus on the preamble to the trip, rather than the trip itself. Excellent teaser.

  4. Your post revealed Rachel's vulnerability in a very natural way.

  5. Very good description of Rachel's internal struggle, her background and the potential conflict ahead.

  6. Great extract, Connie. Rags to riches is always a great romantic trope. anne


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