Saturday, January 25, 2020

How Can Contemporary Fiction Cope with the Changes of Today? #RR, #RoundRobin

Thank you, Dr. Bob, for this month’s blog topic. 

How can contemporary fiction cope with the rapid changes of today’s world?

First, I’d like to define what I believe defines a contemporary romance. 

·         A bone-deep sense of hope that true love is possible. 

Books that show Love is the way to everything that’s good.

·         Before the HEA there must be character growth and endings can also aim at a broad moral good.

·         A romance doesn’t have to solve the world’s problems.  Sometimes you want to witness the power of love.

 How Contemporary Romance Can Cope with the Rapid Changes of Today.

What trends do I see so romance novels can keep pace with today’s world?
·         Becoming more inclusive (though I have witnessed this trend over the past several years).  Everyone needs to be experiencing his/her happy ending.
·         This means people over 40, people of color, same-sex couples, disabled people, the list goes on. 

Redefining Motivating Factors.

·         Uphold/subvert capitalism.  In so many romance novels, the two seem inextricably tied (more so in historical novels). Marriage and romance over the centuries have been connected.  Therefore, it isn’t easy to liberate romance (Cinderella, Jane Eyre, etc.) from this narrative.

·         Or individualism in the romantic arc, “I need to complete this project so I get a big promotion.”

What do I expect to see in 2020 and in the hear future?

·         Narratives of belonging.

·         The arts

·         Community spirit

·         Family gathered at the dinner table giving thanks for the meal delivered by a ‘home-chef service’ but prepared by all.

What changes to you expect to see in contemporary romance novels?

What plot is your favorite?

What do you believe defines a modern day contemporary romance?

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  1. Hi Connie!
    You point out many salient points about trends entering romance novels, plus giving the ever important purpose of the story no matter what trends take part in it. Thanks!

  2. I agree that the driving force in any plot and what keeps the reader turning pages is how the characters tackle the problems they face to succeed. I enjoy reading books written 50 years ago just as much as those written last year so it really isn't about our changing world. It's about the people we create.

  3. Actually, I ignore most of today's technology, so I'm not anxious to reflect it in my romances. Instead, I depend on the inter-personal relationships between my characters. Like others point out, that has to be gripping enough to engage the readers. Then they will ignore anything that appears dated or "tied to a time."

    I don't have a smart-phone. I do have a FB page, but I haven't been on it for months. I also have an author FB page, but it's been even longer since I visited that. I work 2 jobs, have 4 adult kids along with 2 grandbabies, and a relationship with my loving husband that I give time to nourish. Plus I write romance novels, and occasionally try to get some promoting done. I'm busy enough as it is!

  4. Interesting post. I agree about the basis of romance stories and the HEA. The many changes involving things like social media can sometimes make this a little more challenging.

  5. I like the broader context you have set up, in what amounts to a brief scholarly analysis of your genre.


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