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Villainous Characters and Redemption. Yes or No? By Connie Vines #RoundRobin 100, #Writing Tips, #Villians, #RR100

 Have any of your villainous characters reached redemption for their actions? How would you go about it if you were going to do this?

Since I also write YA and MG stories, I try not to make any character 'purely evil' and beyond redemption.

That's not to say that there are no evil or self-serving people without a conscious residing in our world. However, such a story would be too dark and depressing for me to write.

My YA and MG novels explain how/ why this person changed over time. I do not justify evil actions/mistakes. I provide an avenue for the reader to assess and make decisions appropriate for his/her age/ability level.

Romance/Romantic Suspense/Historical Novels

I usually have a villain or two in all of my storylines.

I've yet to send any of my villains on the road to redemption. 

I have little sympathy for my villains.

I don't like my villains.

I don't want my villains to be happy.

I really wish for my villains to suffer.

My points of reference:

  • The Wizard of Oz  - the evil witch tried to kill Toto and Dorothy! 👠 (yes, I know the house killed her sister, but still..)

  • Dracula (Bran Stoker's classic novel). This novel is a love story. Not your typical happily ever after, but a love story never-the-less. In this case, I could provide the original man (the count) redemption; however, the evil being he became would be beyond redemption here in the earthly realm. Profound sympathy on my part, perhaps.
As a reader, how do you feel about the 'bad guy' returning as a future novel hero?

Is a villain always a villain?

Or is a villain in the 'eye' of the reader?

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  1. Like you, my books don't, for the most part, have villains. I've written one mystery that did have a villainess, and she did get her just deserts and, like you, I don't want her to be redeemed. She was nasty, selfish and vindictive so I wanted her punished. But I was wondering, in this YA category, you might have a bully or nasty gal, but they would be teens themselves so wouldn't it be possible that they could be redeemed as they grew up and their character matured.


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