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Book Promotion Ideas for Authors. What Works and What Doesn't? #Round Robin, #Author Tips, Author Promo ideas


Thank you Sky for this month's topic.

 Book marketing tips: What works for me and what doesn't.

I have found my marketing sucess depends on: the book's release date, the book's premise, great reviews, and "what's hot and what's not" 😄.

 Summer books sell well because it is vacation time. Everyone loves a great beach read.

Halloween is the perfect time to showcase a spooky or goth story.

Holiday stories are always a relaxing reading.

Since I write in multiple genres, I try to avoid competing with myself.

This year, I will have a RomCom book for a winter release.

*Often, a reader likes a particular TV show or movie and is looking for the same type of connection in a book. (Yellowstone = Cowboy Romance, NCIS = Action/Military heroes.)  I prefer to write what I wish to read or what catches my attention. After all, I will live with my fictional people for months and months.

What hasn't worked for me:

Free book giveaways.

Swag giveaways.

Facebook ads.

Merchandise (mugs, totes, etc.) is on my website.

Streaming a live video event (Connie doesn't like to read aloud to adults. Though story hour is fun with children).

What works for me:

Book Awards.

Discounting the first book in a series.

Promo on other blogs.

Utilizing my blog(s) connection with my readers/new readers.

Facebook author page.

Publisher's Author Insider Blog, FB page for readers.

Theme promotions with other authors.

Coffee Time Romance (which closed its doors last year).

Guest appearances on other blogs.

And, of course, nice reviews from readers :-)

Participation Events, which sadly are no more:

Young Author Events, Judging YA Writing Contests.

Guest Speaking at schools and libraries. 

Book Signing Events at local and family-owned bookstores.

Please stop by the other authors participating in this month's Blog Hop. I bet they are sharing their secrets, 😉too!



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  1. You have some good ideas there, Connie.

  2. I am learning to HATE GOOGLE. But at least I'm finally here to comment. I love your clear and honest lists of what does and does not work. Good post. I enjoyed it.


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