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Welcome, Author J. Q. Rose

During your last interview, we talked about a fiction novel; today, we are venturing into another genre: writing a spiritual memoir.

Please tell us about your current release. 

Thank you for the opportunity, Connie, to tell you and your readers about my latest release, Your Life with Jesus: How to Spark Memories and Write Your Spiritual Memoir, a Christian-based how-to book. My passion is to encourage folks to write their life stories. The second book in the series, Book Series for Life Storytellers, inspires and encourages readers to write their spiritual memoirs. When offering workshops on life storytelling, I discovered that people do not write their stories because they can't remember their life experiences. So,  in the book, I suggest many ways to spark memories, and I offer tips on writing a memoir/life story that will keep readers engaged. The last part of the book includes over forty topics to write about, a Bible verse that fits the topic, and writing prompts for inspiration to get you started.

1.     What was the inspiration for this story/book? 

I led workshops on life storytelling, so I created a book, Your Words, Your Life Story, with the lessons I taught in my presentations. With a book, I could engage with a larger group of people who needed help getting their story out of their heads and onto paper, computer screen, or video. After I wrote that book, I felt a nudge from God to author a book on how to write a spiritual memoir. The nudging would not go away, so I committed to writing and  finishing the book. I'm glad I did.

2.     Please tell us about your life experiences that led you to become a stronger Christian.

 In creating the book about spiritual memoirs, I grew in my faith as I studied Bible verses and new and familiar ones and researched to discover the meaning of the verses and the stories behind them. Another life-changing experience in maturing my faith occurred over the weeks we volunteered to do mission work with a wonderful group of people. After selling our flower shop and greenhouse operation, my husband and I  joined the NOMADS RV group-Nomads on a Mission Active in Divine Service. Our winter mission was in the country's sunny, warm areas. We worked together painting buildings inside and outside, repairing roofs,  cleaning and fixing up older people's homes and trailers, and clearing brush and weeds. Those with experience worked on installing electricity and plumbing. At a Habitat for Humanity project, my husband installed at least ten toilets in the new houses. Working with such a group of Christians dedicated to helping others was fun. They were generous, kind people who made up the teams. The light of Christ shined through them. Not only did they profess to be Christians, but they also actively lived a Christian life.

1.     What, in your opinion, makes a good writer? 

Focus. When authors focus in on a fiction or non-fiction story/topic, their writing engages the readers. Once they get off the subject, the reader becomes confused and loses interest.


2.     Were there any bumps in the road while drafting this how-to book?

Yes, imposter syndrome. I am not a Bible scholar. I am not a minister, ordained or not. I have no glowing credentials to convince folks I should take on selecting verses in the Bible that will prompt readers to write a life experience. When I questioned if I should continue, which happened throughout the book's writing, I had to have a business meeting with God. Taking time to pray as I walked, got ready for bed, or opened my laptop to write gave me the strength to persevere and make imposter syndrome disappear. I have never felt more committed to any book than this one. I want to get it into the hands of readers and writers so they can share their stories with the world.


3. How Do you use Social Media as a promotional tool? What works for you/what doesn't work? 

I really love connecting with folks on Facebook. I have my personal and business pages with my pen name J.Q. Rose. I enjoy creating images with Canva or choosing photos from Pixabay to accompany the post. I shout about my books, new releases, and books on sale, e.g., the Smashwords 75% off sale on my books through January 1, and I also promote friends with new releases and sales. I use Facebook groups for promoting books, such as the Smashwords page and Kindle pages. I use keywords to discover book promotion pages and post on my publisher's Facebook pages. I do not post constant reminders to buy my books because it annoys readers.

I have been poking around Instagram, but I don't feel comfortable with it. And those seas of hashtags are overwhelming. I do leave cute pics and announcements and promotions infrequently. I need help getting my JQ Rose FB page to connect to Instagram, as promised by the companies. And there is no one to call for assistance. So, I only get a little promoting done via IG now. I love blogging and have been writing my blog, Focused on Story, for about 12 years! Wow, I just realized that. I love blogging, not much for promoting but for connecting with readers. When I finish this blog tour for promoting Your Life with Jesus, I plan to begin adding articles to Substack in 2024 as soon as I know what topics I want to cover. Life Storytelling will be one for sure.


4.     Do you have a favorite Christmas song and/or movie?

One of my favorite Christmas songs, and I have many, is Mary Did You Know. One of the lines in the song asks, "When you kiss your little baby, You've kissed the face of God?" That line takes my breath away. My favorite movie is The Christmas Story. A young boy, Ralphie, is the main character in the story about a family living in a small town in Ohio. I  love watching it every year and laughing at the contest prize in the enormous box delivered to the family. Dare I spoil it and tell you what is in the box? Nope. I could never explain it well enough to make you laugh or wonder! If you haven't watched it, please do. And, of course, if you watched it, watch it again.


5.     What childhood memory still influences your life?

When I was 6 years old, I overheard my mother talking to my dad before Christmas. I asked Santa to bring me a ballerina doll for Christmas and a toy pistol in a holster. Yes, I loved cowboy movies and  was quite a fan of Roy Rogers and Rex Allen. When Mom asked Dad about buying the ballerina, I was crushed. At that age, I suspected there was no Santa Claus, so her question confirmed my suspicion that he was not real. I was so sad when I saw the beautiful ballerina doll under the Christmas tree. I never liked that doll because she reminded me that Santa Claus was a fairy tale. That was the first massive, life-changing moment for me. However,  the experience prepared me to manage disappointments in my life rather than to be defeated by them.


6.      Is there anything you'd like to share with the readers?

Please wish your readers a Happy New Year 2024 from J.Q. Rose!

Please follow these links to purchase her current release or learn more about her fiction books.

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"well-organized, easy-to-understand writing guide"

"Biblical references with prompts are excellent."

"topic aimed at women from a Christian perspective"

"content engages the reader to recognize the power of her own stories."

Best-selling author and workshop leader J.Q. Rose guides you through the elements of storytelling to keep readers turning pages. With her wit and warmth, she offers clear explanations, examples, and exercises to discover how to draft your story.

This book will open your heart to know God is speaking to you as you pray, plan, remember, and compose your stories.

Thank you for visiting with us today. J..Q...

I've read J.Q..'s current release and found the writing guide and prompts enabled me to recall nuances of my life, which now have a deeper meaning... ⛪



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