Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Blog Tour

I'm hoping that you'll hope over to
Laura Elliott's Blog
and check out the great job she did on my postcards. These seem to have become very popular and I've ordered them for every book I have out and now have one for an upcoming new release. Laura also designed one that's just about me--Ginger Simpson, the author.

Make sure to leave a comment and tell Laura that I sent you to her blog. I mean it!
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Anonymous said...

I like your blog, Ginger. I have one of these "you never know what you will get" blogs on communati. I would be glad to post an author interview if you are interested. See
http://www.communati.com/main/free-author-interviews-posted-communati%20 for the list of questions.

Yvonne Perry

Laura Elliott said...

Thanks for the traffic, Ginger. I had a bunch of terrified people saying "Ginger sent me." LOL enjoy your Halloween!!

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