Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Now that my kids are grown, I detest this holiday. It interrupts my quiet time and makes me hop to the door constantly. While I'm waiting for the onslaught, I decided to comment on something I just saw on TV news. The idiocy of society today continues to amaze me. The government is offering the CPSA, who oversees Toy safety, another twenty million dollars to hire additional staff to combat the problem of lead levels.

Here's an idea... why not invest that twenty million in bringing those jobs BACK to the UNITED STATES so that we can safety oversee the standards? Duh uh. It's really hard to be a watchdog of products coming from China... evidently.

So many business have moved overseas, taking jobs from the homeland. I was appalled to learn that most credit card companies have outsourced their billing functions to countries such as India and Pakistan. Have you noticed the increasing number of people with accents when you place or receive phone calls dealing with your bills? I only discovered the switch had occurred when my eighty-two year old mom was billed for tickets on Air Malaysia along with car rentals and meals. She doesn't go anywhere but Walmart, so that was an easy mistake to prove. But it appears Citicard and some of the other bigger companies should be doing a better background check of their employees.

Okay, I'm putting my soapbox away. I hear skittering feet outside the door.




Karen H in NC said...

I so agree with you on this Ginger. Why don't they just spend the money to bring those jobs back to this country? It seems it would be much easier to police the industry if it was here.

I also object to calling a tech support and getting a non-English speaking person. I am confused enough with the computer/internet problem that I have without trying to decifer a heavy accent. I have found it is much easier to call Geek Squad for help.

Thanks for letting me get on that soapbox with you!

Hope your Halloween was a nice one,,,now on the the real holidays!

sydney molare said...

Boo! I love Halloween. In fact, I bought a mask and scared the beeswax out of my nephew. He was just standing there crying, "I want my mommy!" AND he was standing/clinging to his mommy at the time. LOL. I still got it!

Anita Davison said...

Due to a fraught Halloween last year when the dorbell went every ten minutes - we opted out this year and stopped off after work for dinner a deux and when we got home, we crept in without turning the lights on and went to bed to watch a movie in the dark. Actually it was a lovely Halloween and we will do the same next year. All those Mums can thank me now for saving all those dentist bills (No it's not free in the UK - who told you that! Ok well it is for kids)

Anita said...

ha ha, you're not the only one who gets annoyed with Halloween. Spare a thought for the Aussies who are dealing with a new generation of kids coming through who don't know the origins of Halloween, or why it shouldn't be celebrated on 31 October in the southern hemisphere!

I went on a rant about this in my column this week for United Press International...


JJ Murphy said...

Hi Ginger,

Right on. Of course to bring jobs back here, we'd have to educate our children in math, science and actual reading. Given the "No Child Left Alive" insanity, my hope is with home-schooled kids.

Of course, to have a thinking, functioning public, we'd have to feed our citizens food instead of agribusiness product - oh my gosh - I better get off your soap box.

It's reassuring to know that others are frustrated with the insanity.

JJ Murphy

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