Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Everyone loves ancient Egypt

Well, that's what I gathered when announced that in a couple of months, my dream will be realised. My time travel romance, ETERNAL HEARTS, will be published by Highland Press.

Although that book took only a short time to write the first draft, most of it was floating around in my head for a more than two years, until I finally found the courage to put fingers to keyboard and get the book written.

I was scared of it because Egypt is such a vast subject, more than 6,000 years of civilisation. Having narrowed it down to two time zones, Nefertiti or Cleopatra, more than 1000 years apart, once I had made my decision, I took the plunge and chose Nefertiti. I needn't have worried - the book virtually wrote itself. It was a time of great religious upheaval, plots and counterplots but I had to be careful of the words I chose. For instance, they had no notion of silk until the time of Cleopatra. Neither did they have bright colours. They wore only linen which it very difficult to die but they did get quite inventive with design and they made up for it with their jewellery.

It didn't stop them having a good time. The Egyptians loved to party, they loved dressing up, they music, dancing and festivals. Almost every month there was a festival of some kind, usually religious, but their notion of religion was nothing like ours.

There is so much I could write about my numerous forays into the ancient Egyptians but I'm afraid I'd take up too much space.

The Egyptians idealized their women and I think you'll find the captain of charioteers, Lord Khafra, a delicious hero. In fact, I've been tempted to go on from the time travel and write a historical trilogy which I'm working on now. Book One and Book Two are plotted, only Book Three to go. Then, we'll see what happens..

If you would like to know any more about the ancient Egyptians, you can read it in my blogs in the lead-up to the release of ETERNAL HEARTS. In fact I'm doing a blog on October 16 over at unusualhistoricals on crime and punishment in ancient Egypt.

She found the love of her life, 3000 years too late
ETERNAL HEARTS, Highland Press, Spring 2008

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