Saturday, October 13, 2007

Hard Decision

This is the content of my final newsletter. :(

It's been a very difficult decision to make, but I've decided to give up my monthly newsletter. It's become the one chore that I find difficult to fit into my schedule and you know how I abhor being tardy.

I have so many faithful readers who have supported my efforts over the past three years, and I don't want to lose touch with them. But, it's been a long dry spell between releases, and I fear that I've become somewhat boring. *God forbid*. For that reason, I'm switching to blogging with the hope those of you who still want to have me in regular doses will subscribe and remain a part of life, dull though it may be from time-to-time. You can find me at:

I hope we can continue to interact. You've all brought me such joy with your continued support and friendship. So, let's stay in touch.



squiresj said...

Sorry to hear you are giving up your newsletter as I just joined. God Bless you.

Unknown said...

I intend to continue doing the same fun things, but only in blog format. It's much easier for me to do it this way. I hope you'll continue to check in. :)


Anonymous said...

Hi would love to be part of your blog so I can check on what's going on with you since you won't be doing newsletter. I however do not know how to join your blog. I wish you luck in all you do.

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