Saturday, October 13, 2007

Thinking About My Dad

You know, my dad has been gone for 22 years. Mom and I talked on the phone today about how much we both still miss him. He was my security blanket... the person I went to when I needed someone to tell me things were going to be alright. When he died, I really had to learn to stand on my own. Even after all these years, I still hear his teasing laugh in my ear and turn around to make sure he really isn't standing behind me. Sometimes, I swear he is. :)

This is a poem I posted on Father's day. It seems to fit how I'm feeling today as much as then.

Still in my heart though gone for so long.
I still see your face, hear your words in a song.

Always my hero, my friend and my light.
Your spirit still guides me and shows me what's right.

So on this, a day that we honor our Dad
Know that I'm happy and ever so glad.

To have been blessed with a father as special as you
Is better than anything else I hold true.

I love you Dad, as much today as the day I lost you. Thank you for being in my life.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ginger, I can understand your feelings about your dad, mine passed away about 2 years ago. It is really a hard thing when you were as close as we were toward the end. I am really sorry to hear you are not going to have a newsletter anymore, I looked forward to it every month. Oh, by the way, blogger doesn't like me so I can't log in, I just have to post anonymous. Till next time....

Linda G

myrtleme said...

hey, girl----i loved yer newsletter---and was NEVER bored by it...i'm gonna miss it. we lost my dad a couple of years ago--your poem 'struck my heart'-and at 58 years old---i still miss my 'daddy'.

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