Tuesday, October 16, 2007

It's Official

Well, it's official, I'm old. Someone actually referred to me using that term.

Let me set the scene. Usually I have only my four-year-old grandson to contend with (oops..he's five today), but my DIL's two other sons have been here for the summer (age 6 & 13). They just left today, so I can take a deep breath. :)

Anyhow, I was downstairs, trying to work on Sarah's Journey when I heard Zach (6 y.o.) yelling at Spencer. I went up to see what the problem was only to find that Spencer had spilled Zach's koolaid all over the counter and floor. Just a note, this has been a koolaid-filled summer. Sticky floor, counter, etc, so to say that I took a deep breath and sighed is an understatement. But I immediately went to work cleaning up the mess and trying to soothe feathers and stop the small one from crying. Enter the teenager, who kindly commented that I seemed to be mopping up spills with a great degree of frequency and indeed, pointed out that I had just mopped the floor the previous night.

He looks at me, says, "No offense, Grammy," then turns to his 6 y.o. brothers and continues, "Zach, a woman this old (points to me), should not be on her hands and knees mopping up after you."

So, there it is. I'm officially old and I don't know whether to laugh or cry. :) I think I'll just thank God, I'm here.

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