Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Stupid Emails

Pass the word for me, would you? I don't need a bigger penis, I'm not looking to meet singles in my area, or any other, I'm not interested in stock quotes, and I certainly don't want to meet a sexy russian girl.

Next to TV commericals on my list of annoying things are the stupid emails that I receive every day. How about checking the gender of the person you're targeting before you try to sell something to a woman that will help her penis grow to staggering lengths. Perhaps they think I might buy it and sprinkle it on my husband, but I'm trying to avoid the 4 incher he has already. *lol*

Quite simply, I'm not interested. Sex has become mundane and highly over-rated. I prefer to get my doses from reading a good romance. I can write great sex scenes, but as far as participating...forget it. I get excruciating leg cramps, no longer have normal lubrication which causes the same friction as sandpaper, and I tend to think of things I need at Walmart while I should be moaning in ecstasy. My ship has sailed.

For those in my age group that still enjoy a good romp. More power to you. I prefer hallway sex myself. Every time I pass my husband in the hall, I say, "Screw you."

It works for me!



Ciara Gold said...

Try getting these e-mails at school. Yep, they want to enlarge my penis at school. LOL. Our e-mail system has the poorest filters ever. Oh well, I just have to remember not to read my e-mail with a student looking over my shoulder. I don't even open the darn things, just hit delete. Grrrr. Great post and well said.

Cherie J said...

I feel your pain! I am so sick of those emails as well!

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