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Long Distance Love by Anne Whitfield

Thanks so much to Ginger for the invitation to join in her blog party this week!
I'm Anne Whitfield, and Australian author of historical and contemporary novels and short stories. I'm also a acquisitions editor at Enspiren Press.

I've decided to post an excerpt of my modern romance story Long Distance Love available in ebook and print.


Fleur Stanthorpe, an Australian, arrives in Whitby, England to live out a dream after surviving cancer. She's to open a bookshop café and experience the English way of life for the summer before returning home and settling down.Only she hasn't counted on meeting gorgeous Irishman, Patrick Donnelly. Their attraction is instant - their goals a world apart. He is looking for a solid relationship for the first time since his divorce five years ago. She is having her last fling at freedom before returning home to family and responsibilities. Their problems are more than surviving a hot summer of romance, but wondering what will happen when the summer draws to an end and Fleur returns to the other side of the world.


The queue had all but disappeared and panic flooded her, as she knew she must go. Think of Christmas, think of Christmas…
“Ring me the minute you land in Sydney, no matter what time.” Patrick pulled her to him once more and kissed the side of her head. “I want to know that you’ve arrived safely.”
“I will.” She stepped away and only their hands touched. Letting go of one of his hands she reached down and picked up her small luggage bag all the while not taking her eyes off him.
A tear slowly tracked its way down Patrick’s cheek and at the sight of it, a sob broke from Fleur. Men crying always killed her, but this was even worse, this was Patrick crying for her, for their wretched future that they couldn’t plan for.
“I love you,” she whispered.
“I can’t bear this Fleur. I have to go.” Patrick’s voice caught. He dropped her other hand and strode away.
She no longer had a heart. It had exploded and the pieces were floating around her body, never to be put together again because she had a strange feeling that she’d never see him again. She stood at the boarding gate and watched him walk away with his head high and shoulders straight. Typical. The man must hide his grief, pretend it wasn’t there. Whereas a woman would stumble, crawl, scream at the world and cry. Like she was doing. Crying an ocean. They could send her to the Gulf, after a while there she’d have turned the desert into a rainforest. Could you die from over crying?
She sniffed and gulped. So, that was it. All over red rover.
On automatic pilot she handed her boarding pass to the stewardess and went through the detector. The attendants smiled in sympathy at her ravaged face. She hated them. Collecting her things again from the conveyer, she paused and couldn’t help but look back over her shoulder. He hadn’t come back. Of course he wouldn’t. Silly woman what did she expect? What would it achieve? They’d talked until they were blue in the face about what they should, could, would do, but in the end it’d all come down to her catching a plane and flying home.
A black pit of despair swallowed her whole.
In a void, she walked into the plane and was shown her seat and had her luggage stowed away by a neatly polished and smiling stewardess, who didn’t seem to have a care in the world. Bitch. Didn’t she know that Fleur Stanthorpe was dying inside? It was world news, devastating news. For the first time in her independent life, Fleur Stanthorpe was finding out how it felt to truly love another. She couldn’t breath. Oh, great she was going to have a heart attack on the plane.

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Regards, Anne.~

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Unknown said...

You know I'm one of your biggest (literally) fans. Thanks for taking time from your busy schedule to share my blogging event. Even though I know your talent first-hand, it's still thrilling to see your covers and hear about you and your work.

Jean P. said...

That excerpt lead me to go to your website and read more. I've never read anything of yours before and I can see I've been missing out. I enjoy your way with words and I thoroughly enjoy the humor in your story. I think I've just become a new fan.

ReadingIsSoMuchFun said...

Loved the excerpt. This book sounds good look forward to reading more :)


ReadingIsSoMuchFun said...

One more thing very pretty cover :) Added this to my wishlist :)


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