Wednesday, October 10, 2007

October Contest

October and candy seem to go together so my October contest features a nice selection of chocolate and a download of my second novel Grandfather's Legacy. To enter the contest go to and click the yahoo button. Winners will be chosen on October 31.

While you're at the web site you can read a free story and excerpts from all of my novels. Thanks, Ginger, for this opportunity.

Thanks for reading!

Elaine Cantrell

Hope. Dreams. Life... love


JeanP said...

Hi, Elaine, my introduction to you was through Purple Heart. So far, I've read it twice and ever so often, pick it up to just read a few pages when I have time. I just got off your website looking around to see what else I could find. I am going to so be in the hole when this chat is over.

mizging said...

Elaine... you spoke the magic word...CHOCOLATE! *lol* I plan to visit your site and see what's gong on. I'm just following Jean around and checking out all the tasty offerings.


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