Wednesday, October 10, 2007

First of all, what a wonderful idea, Ginger. Whoop! Thanks so much for having all of us today. I see several have already posted so you've had a great turn out.

So, a little about me. I write as Ciara Gold and I was the number one best selling author for Champagne Books in 2006. My debut book, Celestial Dragon was the number one selling book for the same publisher and continues to head the charts even now. Gotta luv that. Romantic Times gave it a 4.5 which really excited me. Anyway, click on the link to read the first chapter.

A Noble Sacrifice is the sequel and has also gotten great reviews, so I thought I'd share an excerpt from A Noble Sacrifice;

Blurb: Can a stranger from a distant planet breach Yalfar’s strict laws to save a nation from doom and rescue one lone woman from the errors of her way?

Fen Tared Charst has betrayed his brother, and his people. To right the wrongs he’s done, he suffers the horrors of the zeel pits only to find himself a captive of the Temi tribe. In Yalfar, he discovers that leading the Temi princess and her warriors from their dying world is the key to his redemption. But losing his heart to Princess Joyella will be the key to saving his soul.

Princess Joyella Denue has broken a sacred law and for that, she is exiled from Yalfar. To regain her honor, she agrees to lead a convoy topside to escape the collapsing city, but she can’t make the journey alone. She needs Tared, but can she overlook her convictions to accept a man not of her tribe?

“No, beast, come no closer.” Her hand rose to ward him off. “I won’t be tempted by your lustful nature. Not now. Not ever.”

“Strong words for a woman destined to be mine. But – I can wait.” He backed away and sat on an outcropping of rock. From the pouches along his waist, he pulled a nourishment packet. “Here, you need food.”

She took the offered sustenance, sat across from him, and tore open the seal. The food inside didn’t look appetizing, but it had all the needed nutrients. She took a bite, realizing she was hungrier than she thought. “You need to eat also.”

“In time. Right now, I have an appetite for something else. I need to suppress the urge before I can eat.”

She choked on a bite. He laughed, the sound echoing off the chamber walls. He seemed so different when he smiled or laughed, not at all the ferocious warrior bent on claiming his due. She set the packet in her lap and played with the torn end. “Why did you help me?”

He gazed at the stalactites above her. “I want you to succeed.”

“But you could have incited my warriors to follow you instead. They want to trust someone that’s actually been to the surface.” She stared at her stomach. “Someone who hasn’t betrayed their faith.”

“We would lose a day if we backtracked. Your way is just as valid.”
“But how do you know?” Joyella gripped the crisp edge of the container. Food started to spill out and she relaxed her hold. But she had to know. She needed some form of reassurance because the people had forced her to doubt her own mind, to doubt yorellite’s vision.

“I saw what you saw.”

“But that doesn’t mean you have to believe my thoughts. What if they were only fanciful dreams? How can you be sure I know the way out?”

He made no comment.

She stared at his averted face, trying to see deep into his soul. Then she knew. “By Yutenk’s Glow, I don’t believe you. You didn’t just read my thoughts, did you?”

He shrugged. “I did what I thought best.”

I hope you enjoyed the excerpt. I invite any and all to read more by going to my website:

I would also like to invite you to visit two wonderful blogs; the Magic Mavens and The Orphan Train. And once again, congratulations on a great opening day for you blog spot, Ginger!!!


Ana said...

Hi Ginger and Ciara, A Noble Sacrifice sounds like it's full of adventure and romance. Nice excerpt.

Jean P. said...

I've got Celestial Dragon and due to this chat just realized that there is a sequel. I can't wait to get this.

Unknown said...

Hi Girlfriend,
Nice to see you away from the critique chamber. *lol* You know I'm waiting for an autographed copy of "Orphan Train". I already know what a 'kickass' writer you are, so I can assure everyone that buying your books is a sound investment and a guarantee of real entertainment!


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