Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Phyllis is in the house!

Hi Ginger! Thanks for inviting me to join your blog. How fun!! want me to talk about something? hahahaha I suppose I can follow everyone else's example and talk about my latest release, HER KNIGHT OF SEDUCTION. This story is very dear to my heart...not to mention this is my first HUNK cover! heehee

Lady Megan Saxton will do anything—naughty if necessary—not to marry the drunken lord her grandmother selected. But when she thinks she’s trapped herself a duke, will a mistake in identity have her falling in love with the man who put her family in financial ruins?

Clever Scoundrel, Edmund Knight will stop at nothing to take back the deed to his goldmine that has been stolen. When his enemy’s daughter mistakes him for someone else, his plans change. Now he’s after her virginity

5-Blue Ribbons!!! Phyllis Campbell knows how to pen an enchanting
tale that will leave you breathless and reading until all hours of the night. I laughed at the antics and bantering between these two lovely characters and my heart soared at the fairy tale ending. HER KNIGHT OF SEDUCTION will be staying on my keeper shelf. ~ Billie Jo / Romance Junkies


“What are your plans, Mr. Knight?” Huskiness laced her voice. “Are you going to ruin me? My family?”

“My plan is to take you to my cottage and make love to you. I want to hear your pleasurable sighs and feel your willing body under mine.”

“I will not be willing this time.”

He flicked his tongue in her ear, and she let out a soft moan. He chuckled. “Are you certain? The tremors in your body say otherwise. I know you ache for my touch.”
Sucking her lobe into his mouth, he nibbled lightly then released it as he teased her slender neck and shoulder with his exploring tongue.

“How much will you wager, my lovely? I guarantee within five minutes you will be begging for more.”

When he squeezed her breasts harder, her whimpers increased. His heart soared from the way she sounded in the heat of passion. Swinging her around in his arms, he bent his head and captured her mouth. At first she resisted, stiffening her lips. With his gentle coaxing, running his tongue along the bottom lip, then the top, she soon became submissive.

In haste, his hands roamed over her back, then down to the fullness of her skirts, cupping her derriere as he pulled her hips against his staff. Her soft moan mixed with his. Tilting his head, he deepened the kiss, sliding his tongue inside her mouth, caressing hers.

Just as in the cottage, it was wonderful. So right, and so very passionate. He wanted her now, and he didn’t think he could wait. He moved one of his hands between their bodies and found her breast, tracing the lace border on the scooped neckline with his fingers. Her skin was as smooth as he remembered. Dipping his finger inside, he searched until he found her pointed nipple. She heaved a sigh.

Yes. He needed to take her now. The ache in his loins warned him he couldn’t wait much longer.

He broke the kiss and whispered her name. But before he could say anymore, voices from outside grew louder. Her body stilled, even her breathing.

“We’re going to get caught,” she whispered. “What are we to do?”

He scanned the area around them. In the corner of the room there was a spot in the shadows underneath the table. He pointed in the direction. “Quickly, crawl under there.” He helped her to the ground then slid in behind her. She bumped her head and let out a tiny yelp.

“Lie on your side and face me.” He helped her into the position before their unexpected visitors intruded upon them.

He was in the process of wrapping her in his arms when the squeak of the greenhouse door echoed through the shed. Whispers from their visitors floated through the air. He peeked over his shoulder to see if he recognized the couple. From above the many tables of plants, his gaze rested upon a woman, young and blonde, but he couldn’t see her face. Within moments a man joined her. Immediately, he recognized James Hartley.

Edmund chuckled deep in his chest. He turned his head and whispered in Megan’s ear. “Looks as if our darling Dukie has snuck away from the party for a midnight romp in the greenhouse.”

She gasped, but didn’t speak.

Taking another look, he squinted through the shadows to see the woman, but it wasn’t until he heard her laugh when recognition struck. He turned back to Megan. “And it looks like Kelton is joined by Lady Lucinda.”

“Lady Lucinda Baldwin?”

“In the flesh.” He chuckled low. “Makes me wonder if Kelton knows what a tramp she is? But of course he does. He wouldn’t be out here with her any other way.”

A throaty giggle from Lucinda and rustling of skirts made him glance back over his shoulder just in time to see Lucinda directing her passionate kisses lower on Kelton’s body as her fingers tugged open the Duke’s trousers. She pulled out his stiff member and lowered her head.

“What are they doing?” Megan whispered as she tried to look over his shoulder.

“Let’s just say Lady Lucinda is not as innocent as she leads everyone to believe.” He tightened Megan in his embrace so she wouldn’t see. “She’s just giving Kelton what she gives to most every man she meets.”

“What’s that?” she asked, straining her neck. He wasn’t quick enough, and when her gaze focused on the other couple, her eyes widened and she gasped. “Oh, my, what is she...oh...oh...can that be...” She hitched a breath and licked her lips.

His body hardened from her innocent yet seductive reaction to what she was seeing. He chuckled. “You certainly are the little innocent.”

“Shh,” she coaxed, reaching up and placing her fingers over his mouth. “They’ll hear us.”

He held her hand to his mouth, kissing each finger, then lightly nibbling on the tips. She inhaled a quick intake of air.

“We shouldn’t—” she began to say, but he silenced her when he leaned over and pressed his mouth to hers.

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Ana said...

Hi Phyllis, Just stopping by to read your wonderful ecerpt.

Unknown said...

I can't wait to read this story. It sounds fantastic, but then I love all your stories!

Jean P. said...

Just read your excerpt and this really sounds interesting. I'm going to have to look closer into this.

Unknown said...

Love it...PHYLLIS IS IN THE HOUSE! So very you! And if you're there, you can be sure there's going to be some sizzling love scenes. This girl knows how to steam up the windows. We're in a critique group together so I get to savor her work first hand. Envy me? You bet. Treat yourself to something spicy by Ms. Campbell...your husband will appreciate you. *rofl*

peggy said...

your book sounds great.

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