Thursday, January 31, 2008


The polls are closed and the winner of the most disgusting word(s) contest is Lisa Avila with her submission of 'fecal bag'. Lisa, I need you to contact me with you mailing address so I can send your autographed copy of Life is a Bowl of Toilets and I Clean Them. Congratulations and thanks for playing.

I was quite shocked to be the only one who voted for mucus. *lol* Forty-One people cast votes in the poll and Lisa's entry won with fifteen. Snot blew into second place with nine votes, and phelgm slid in as number three with six. The remaining votes were split among the field.

Again, thanks for playing along, and I'll be hosting another contest in February. I promise this one won't be as disgusting.



catslady said...

Congratulations, Lisa. I'm happy to have come in third - there were some ugly words up in the poll lol. I never was able to cast my vote - I don't know why.

Ginger Simpson said...

I'm sorry it wouldn't let you vote. I have no idea why either. Did you try in the new poll? I'd be interested to see if it's a problem again. Thanks for playing along. I appreciate you. I still haven't heard from Lisa and I have no idea how to contact her. :(


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