Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Placing a Want Ad


Somewhat reclusive author in need of person to visit and engage in actual conversation. Hoping to find someone who speaks semi-intelligently, but I can be flexible. Discussions of anything other than Go Diego Go, Wonder Pets, or Thomas the Train are a definite must. Other taboo subjects include politics, religion and the war in Iraq. No Sponge Bob Squarepants attire, please. Friend is welcome to visit any day of the week; particularly Wednesdays when my grandson’s mother actually assumes the role.


Anonymous said...

If you're ever in Ohio or I'm ever in Tennessee, I'll take you up on that. I'm starved for a live friend too, especially one with wonderful writing skills. :)


Unknown said...

You're the best at picking up sagging egos. I'd definitely take you up on the offer, any day.


Anonymous said...

If you are ever in Hawaii or Washington DC in the next year let me know. It will be good to visit! - Rich

Gloria T. said...

Hey Ginger I would be proud to have you for a friend. Since I am in PA it would have to be an e-mail friendship but that flies with me, how about you?

Love reading your daily blog, gives me lots of chuckles.

Gloria T.

Unknown said...

If I can't have you for a 'real live' friend, I'll settle for email.


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