Thursday, January 3, 2008

The "Most Disgusting Poll" is Up

Okay, the words have poured in. Well, maybe that's not exactly an apt description, but I've closed nominations and posted the words a few people find most offensive. You'll find them listed in the left-hand column. Please cast your vote because the lucky winner is going to get an autographed copy of Life is a Bowl of Toilets and I Clean Them, suitable for one sitting in the powder room. :)

Remember, this was an idea that popped up from the disgusting things we're exposed to on TV.

Two entries didn't make the poll but warrant 'honorable mention'. Someone thought that rural was hard to say and sounded bad, while someone found the incorrect usage of your and you're highly annoying. I admit to being one that makes that mistake though I try to keep from it. Spell checker just doesn't catch those things, dang it. *lol*


Anonymous said...

For some reason it won't let me vote? Says it can't process the reaquest - I haven't voted before.

Anonymous said...

darn I can't spell either lol request of course

Anonymous said...

Hi Ginger!! I voted in the poll! Naturally, I voted for my word, but I gotta tell ya, most of those words made my list!!! Have a good weekend!(If I can figure out how to do it, I'm gonna nominate your blog, cause I get such a kick out reading it!!)

Ana said...

I voted, but most them don't bother me. But the one I picked it is not something I want to hear, especially when I am eating. lol

Anonymous said...

It still doesn't let me vote :(

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