Tuesday, January 22, 2008

On Second Thought!

I decided that a few extra pounds don't look that bad after all. I'm sure some of you have seen this, but I keep it around to remind me that being fat is where it's at. I really think her best friend should tell her it's time to give up the bikini and go get a 'Big Mac' and a large order of fries. It worked for me. *lol*


Anonymous said...

Hey Ginger, don't I get some kind of royalties or something for you using my vacation pic?

Linda G

Anonymous said...

I don't think she realizes how she looks, but your right a friend would tell her

Anonymous said...

Oh my, can you imagine! she must live in a house with no mirrors!! (and no friends)

Susan Ford

Elena Dorothy Bowman said...

Talk about seeing a skeleton walking...she is definitely it! Maybe she doesn't have any friends who'd be willing to tell her.

Ginger Simpson said...

Wouldn't you have a clue from looking down at yourself? *lol* If I had best friend who didn't tell me to wise up, she'd deserve a bitch slap.


Minna said...

My goodness! She must have some kind of eating disorder.

Cherie J said...

How awful! That woman needs serious counseling if she thinks she looks good in that. A real friend would tell her to retire the bikini and then treat her to dinner out to fatten her up.

littlequeenie29 said...

Not only is she a skeleton walking but she is just TOO old to wear a thong. In my case if I wore one, I would be too old and they would have to surgically remove it, lol. Anyways, if I ever went out in something that looked that bad and not one person said anything to me and I later saw a pic of me looking that bad, I would probably jump off a brigde.

Ginger Simpson said...

Little Queenie: I can't imagine wearing a thong at any age. I get annoyed when I get a 'wedgie'. *lol*

And Linda G, I didn't send you a royalty check, I sent you a McDonald's gift certificate. *lol*


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