Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Isn't there a bible passage that says 'cut off thy offending limb'? There was a time when movement on the bed meant something romantic. Well, that ship sailed and now I've discovered I sleep with a person who suffers from terminal foot jiggling. Not only does he do while he's awake, it continues during sleep. Intermittent at times, it's mostly a constant sensation.

I can sleep in the bed and barely disturb the covers; he, on the other hand, works to free his enclosed foot... the one trapped beneath the blanket and spread, and he yanks and pulls until he's untucked every piece of fabric from beneath the mattress. All in pursuit of FOOT JIGGLING. Oh, my gosh. I need help. The rings under my eyes match the clouds outside right now. Dark and puffy!

I thought the snores were the worse, but this is driving me nuts. Oh, just kidding about the title. I really wouldn't cut off his foot but I am thinking of alternatives. *lol*


Estella said...

Has he seen a Dr. about this?
My husband did this, he now takes medicine for it. It hasn't completely stopped the jiggling, but it is so much better.

Unknown said...

Thanks for your timely post. He's going to the doctor for prescription refills today, I'll have him mention it. It beats the chain saw idea. *lol*
Thanks, Estella.

Anonymous said...

My other suggestion and even though I know it is expensive, to me it was well worth it - a tempurpedic mattress - you honestly can't feel the person next to you move.

Unknown said...

Hubby went to the doctor today and mentioned his foot jiggling. They've started him on Requip for restless leg syndrome. Maybe I can put the saw away. *lol*

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