Monday, February 4, 2008

It Makes Me Wonder

I suppose when posting things, you're bound to offend someone. But where do you draw the line? This morning, I logged on to find that two subscribers had unsubbed citing "offensive" as their reason. I started to take down yesterdays post, but then changed my mind. If I removed everything because it offended one or two people, I'd eventually end up with blank pages. Some may consider that an improvement. *lol*

We are a diverse group on this planet, and what I might find funny, might stir horrible memories for someone else. I cannot possibly foresee what some may find unappealing. For heaven sakes, we can't even agree as a nation whether we want to have God in our pledge of allegiance or on our coins. Some don't even believe in the pledge, or God for that matter. Does that mean I offended someone because I used an angel as a graphic?

As an aside, I personally don't feel the Lord is offended by breasts since he gave them to us, and whether or not we drink and expose them publicly isn't his doing. It's our own stupidity--another fact of life. These type of things happen every day and you can't just ignore them. Maybe if the people in these pictures see themselves plastered all over, they might wise up. Probably not. It's easier to just look away.

This is the only thing I imagine was offensive, that or those who unsubscribed deal with alcoholics and the images were too close to home. I was married to someone who drank, and I prefer to look back in humor rather than be devastated by the memories. That's who am I. I find humor where and when I can. Blogs are like diaries, but the writer allows people to peek inside. I write what strikes me at the moment...spontaneous thought. It's the best I can do. I have to accept that while I entertain most of you, some can't deal with reality. It's okay to disagree, but I'm still sorry to have lost readers because of something so silly.

I purposely try to avoid religion, politics and racial topics, so I guess now I'll have to stop talking about my sagging boobs, or at best, stop posting pictures of drunken women who let it all hang out.

Favor: If you find something I post so strongly to your disliking that you plan to depart, at least drop me an email, friend-to-friend, and let me know why it bothered you. I can't read minds, and blogging for me is about entertaining. making friends, and hopefully finding fans who'll want to read my books.


Anonymous said...

OK, Ginger,
I found the pictures offensive, but not for the reason some might. I felt so sorry for the parents or partners of these drunks(most young people)and I've seen most of the pics before anyway.
You go for it, girl, and put whatever you fancy on your blog. People can always feel free to post a comment.

Melanie said...

As much as you try, you can never please everyone. But for this particular fan, your blogs are part of my routine... I read them every morning with my coffee and it always puts a smile on my face to start my day. For this I thank you and beg you to please keep it up! For those who find real life offensive, simply spare them a moment of pity and carry on doing what you do best... entertain!

good witch said...

Too bad for the moral minority that unsubscribed from your blog. They'll be missing out on some funny, funny stuff. I bet it's tough to go through life with a stick up your ass, not to mention extremely boring. Laughter is the cure for whatever ails ya and you are my favorite medicine, except maybe for my Prozac.

Martha said...

Ginger, you keep on doing what you've been doing - it's GREAT!!! Don't worry about a couple of sourpusses! I look forward to reading your blog every day. It is first when I open my email!!!

Ginger Simpson said...

Thank you all for the positive comments. You are so appreciated.

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