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5***** reviews of Tangled Hearts by Rosemary Morris

5 blue ribbon review from Romance Junkies.

“In TANGLED HEARTS by ROSEMARY MORRIS Richelda’s life is ever changing, with her never having any control over what happens. Her family's loss of wealth, her parents' deaths, and her dreams of marrying her childhood friend are crushed. Now her aunt wants her to marry someone else of her choosing. Well, Richelda believes it is time to take control over her own life and if it means saying no to the handsome Lord Chesney, that is exactly what she plans to do.

As evil followed Richelda, I felt myself grateful that Richelda had started to pay more attention to her own life. Suspense builds, leading to the time of confrontation. Exciting action and many thrilling surprises are found before the story ends. The interactions between Richelda and Chesney are wonderfully entertaining. TANGLED HEARTS is a wonderfully passionate romance in which the true meaning of love is discovered.”
Anita - Romance Junkies
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Review of Tangled Hearts by Rosemary Morris from Historical Novel Reviews.
Rosemary Morris weaves a splendid tale that kept me awake until the early morning hours. The characters seem authentic and very well developed, changing and growing more complex as the story unfolds. The prose is smooth and flowing. The burgeoning love between (the heroine) Richelda and (the hero), the viscount, evolves at a realistic pace. I especially enjoyed the tension that led to a highly satisfactory ending that was touched with mystery and decorated with gothic detail. I highly recommend this novel to anyone who loves historical romance and the Queen Anne or Regency era of England’s turbulent history.
Mirella Patzer-Historical Novel Reviews
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"TANGLED HEARTS is a well-written historical romance by debut author Rosemary Morris. I enjoyed this book and found that not only were the characters interesting, the ending had a great twist. All in all a very good book that is sure to please any historical romance reader. Richelda Shaw's life has taken quite an unexpected turn since the death of her parents. It was her father's dying wish that she uphold her ancestral home in lieu of the new King and Queen of England. However, since her parent's death, she has been in a state of poverty and left completely alone. Her only light is her childhood friend, Dudley. After declaring herself to him, she finds out that Dudley isn't the man she thought he was, and although he is quite fond of her, his heart and wallet wants to be married to their friend, Kitty. Lucky for her, her Aunt has intervened and suddenly Richelda finds herself rich and in demand. Aunt Isobel rescues Richelda from the throw of poverty, but with a catch--she is to be betrothed to the handsome Lord Chesney. Although Richelda finds no fault with Lord Chesney, her heart still belongs to Dudley. Now Richelda finds herself in the middle of a battle for affection between Chesney and Dudley, all the while Richelda just wants to find a way to reclaim her ancestral home and keep the promise that she made to her father. Anyone who loves reading historical fiction with the added bonus of a great romance will be captivated by the story Rosemary Morris wrote. TANGLED HEARTS is a wonderful addition to any romance lover's bookshelf. I very much enjoyed the blossoming relationship between Richelda and Chesney, and the twist that this story took at the end really caught me by surprise! I thoroughly enjoyed TANGLED HEARTS by Rosemary Morris. She is definitely an author to be on the lookout for."--Julie Kornhausl, Romance Reader at Romance Junkies
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Five Star Review Tangled Hearts, January 14, 2008
By Patrice Wilton “Author” (Florida).

Tangled Hearts is a complete delight. Ms. Morris has crafted wonderful characters, an enthralling plot, and a romance that will warm your heart. If you are a lover of historical romance, this is a must read.
Review for Tangled Hearts by Rosemary Morris

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Five Star Review.
Rosalie Skinner
(Dragonmuse Downunder)

Richelda Shaw swore an oath to her father before he left her as a nine-year-old child. Her oath, to do whatever it takes to resume ownership of their ancestral home, is not an easy promise to fulfill. After her mother’s death, she finds life difficult until her Aunt rescues her from bankruptcy and takes her to London.

Lord Chesney arrives on the scene, as a prospective husband chosen by Richelda’s generous Aunt. The current owner of her ancestral home, marriage to Lord Chesney would mean fulfilling her promise, but she finds her heart belongs to another life long friend.

The chance of finding a family treasure hidden for generations seems remote but could allow her freedom to marry where she chose and redeem the family property. Richelda refuses Lord Chesney’s advances in a determined effort to marry for love rather than for convenience. All the time she is afraid of breaking her promise to her father.

Rosemary Morris takes the reader on a trip back in time. With all the plush furnishings, sumptuous fare and the steamy, noisome cityscape as a backdrop her readers are entertained with a compelling story. Rosemary’s character Richelda is a feisty, independent and intelligent young woman. Lord Chesney is likable and it is hard not to fall in love with this character. Rosemary sculpts her characters with great insight. Even those in supporting roles become familiar and behave with such believable emotions the readers feels as if they know them personally.

Writing with crisp, clear style and accurate depictions, Rosemary Morris gives an authenticity to her novel. Every sense is satisfied as we return to an earlier age of chivalry and romance. The reader wades through the mud, recoils from the stench and is impacted by the noise of London’s streets as we see it through Richelda’s eyes.

Tangled Hearts is a great read, with wonderful characters and a gripping romance that keeps the reader enthralled to its completion.

Anita Davison’s review of Tangled Hearts by Rosemary Morris

Rosemary Morris’ debut novel set in the time of Queen Anne, begins during a time of great change in England. Richelda Shaw’s family are loyal Jacobites, but their lives are destined to be turned upside down when King James II flees to France and the new regime under William and Mary begins.
Her parents die, leaving Richelda penniless and alone, but the possessor of a promise made to her father to reclaim their ancestral home. She learns humility through her own poverty and the meaning of loyalty when her childhood sweetheart declares his love for her best friend, Kitty. Dudley’s betrayal is hard to take and Richelda becomes wary of giving her heart again.
Her only living relative, a wealthy but emotionally distant aunt, saves her from poverty. Her actions begin as familial duty but aunt and niece discover a mutual affection as time passes. Her aunt contrives a marriage for Richelda to the handsome Lord Chesney, but emotionally bruised, but unwilling to be used as a pawn, Richelda resists. Until Chesney himself exerts his considerable charm on her and she doubts her own resolve.
Life takes her to London and she is reminded of her oath, but others remember the hidden treasure the Shaw’s family home conceals and they too are determined to obtain it by any means. Richelda learns that those around her are not always what they appear and if she wants to win true love, and her inheritance, she has to fight for both.
This story is a familiar one at first, with engaging characters and all the components of a true love story but there are also surprises in store and a suspenseful ending.
Ms Morris’ characterization is excellent and you feel for Richelda, who keeps her gentle nature through all her tribulations. I especially loved Aunt Isobel, a forceful character with an entertaining temperament reminiscent of an Oscar Wilde matriarch.

Here is a romance to warm the heart. Set at the turn of the 18th century it follows the fortunes of Richelda, impoverished daughter of a now-dead Jacobite.

Haunted by her childhood oath extracted by her father, to gain their ancestral home seized by Parliament during the Civil War, Richelda knows she has little chance of fulfilling that oath – until her wealthy aunt promises to make Richelda her heiress. But there is a condition; she must marry the man of her aunt’s choosing – Viscount Lord Chesney. Richelda’s feelings for Chesney are ambivalent and her heart already belongs to her childhood companion, Dudley. Unfortunately Dudley is penniless.

Love and betrayal, misplaced loyalties, even the legend of a treasure trove all make this an engaging story with well-rounded and believable characters. The author’s attention to historical detail brings period and place vividly to life. I look forward to reading more from Rosemary Morris.

Celia Ellis

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“I would highly recommend this book for anyone who enjoys historical fiction. The characters whisk you away to an altogether finer time, where honour was paramount and values still had value. Well-crafted characters take you on an intriguing journey to find true love, true friendship and long lost treasure. A thoroughly enjoyable read.”

Brigitta Schwulst

To find out more about Rosemary Morris visit her website.
Tangled Hearts is available from,, and soon in bookshops.

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