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Exiled: Autumn's Peril Character Interview

Again, many thanks to Ginger for hosting this Blog fest. What a wonderful collection of stories, bios and chapters. My "to be Read" list doubled and trebled. It is expanding exponentially.

Tonight the main character from Exiled: Autumn’s Peril, Rosalie Skinner’s forthcoming Fantasy from Enspiren Press was supposed to join us for an interview.

Apparently, he is still unavailable for a chat. Never the less, in his place we have Gwilt who has been involved in the story since the early days.

Interviewer: So Gwilt, welcome. It’s great to be in contact with you. Seems as though our main man is not available?

Gwilt: It’s good to be able to talk this way. Caleath is not here at present.

Interviewer: Never mind. We appreciate your time. Now you realize that this week we are interviewing for a Romance writer's blog?

Gwilt: 'Romance' 'blog'? Romance I can understand. Blog? Does it matter if your terms sound alien to me? I have nothing against aliens, mind, and have never let not understanding terms stand in the way of a good story.

Interviewer: Well, perhaps if we can keep our focus on Romance. Even though Exiled: Autumn's Peril is classed as a Fantasy, there are elements of Romance in the story aren't there? Even though Caleath’s story doesn't fit the Romance genre.

Gwilt: (laughs) We can still appreciate when two people are drawn together. I don’t think that changes, no matter what else is going on around them.

Interviewer: There is that. I believe Caleath is a Fantasy hero, not a romantic one at all.

Gwilt: You haven’t met him then, have you? I think most of the ladies who cross his path would not turn him away, if he found time to spend in their company. At least that’s the impression I have. Mind, there are days when it would be wise not to cross his path.

Interviewer: Tell me more.

Gwilt: Ahh, I’d rather not. Perhaps discretion is advised. Talking about Caleath or his romantic side is not in my best interests.

Interviewer: You are not afraid of him?

Gwilt: (clears throat) No. Not at all. I don’t want him to think his private life is under public scrutiny. He’s already dealing with that. Some days he deals, some days he doesn’t. Just lately, he’s been a little tetchy. I’d rather not have him find out later that we’ve been talking about him, especially if we were to mention Nasith.

Interviewer: He is not comfortable talking about her? Why is that? They seem to get along well enough after their initial animosity.

Gwilt: Isn’t it obvious? Caleath is besotted by the woman.

Interviewer: Besotted, an odd term to use. Refers to drunken behavior rather than infatuation.

Gwilt: Where Nasith is concerned Caleath might be better off drunk. I believe he would risk all to keep her safe. Despite knowing she cannot think of ever continuing a relationship with him, whenever her name is mentioned he becomes defensive. I do my best to make him see reason and he’s not an easy man to talk around.

Interviewer: Do you see him as a romantic hero?

Gwilt: He would never admit to such a thing, not aloud. I have seen him watching Nasith and I know better. If you talk to him, Nasith is not a subject I would broach.

Interviewer: That’s not giving me a lot to go on then.

Gwilt: Well, if you want to talk Romance. Why not talk to me?

Interviewer: Forgive me, but I don’t see you as a lead romance in the story.

Gwilt: Ahh, but the real romance wasn’t actually set down on parchment. Probably because the term you use ‘falling in love’ doesn’t actually exist in our terminology. Caleath told me about the idea of romantic love. He said it was peculiar to old Earth. Most of the population of the planet strived to find their perfect partner in a fairytale type relationship. Well, if that’s the romance you refer to… I can tell you, there was another meeting of like souls during Caleath’s adventure.

Interviewer: And you have the details? Please enlighten us.

Gwilt: How long do you have? It would be my pleasure to tell you how I met Larissa. I am afraid the author of Caleath’s quest failed to realize people’s interest in true romance. Imagine neglecting to pen our story, in favor of his. Such an oversight. Still there is yet time.

Interviewer: I would be interested to hear your story. Was it love at first sight?

Gwilt: Love at first sight? I am not sure about ‘love’, but my heart quickened. Where my glib tongue usually delivered words flawlessly, suddenly I could not speak coherently. My senses beheld Larissa as a vision of unspeakable beauty. Her voice, lilting music, her scent as sweet as spring blossoms, uninvited my body trembled and blood thudded through my veins. From that first moment, I found every thought twisted toward arranging another meeting. Sadly, we parted within hours, but at no time since that day, have I thought of Larissa without the same quickening of my pulse and tight longing in my chest.

Interviewer: Sounds like love to me.

Gwilt: There you go. I could be your romantic hero.

Interviewer: So you could, if we had more time. Sadly our connection is breaking up. Perhaps another time. Thank you Gwilt. It has been a pleasure.

(transmission ends)

Rosalie Skinner

Author of Exiled: Autumn's Peril

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