Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Avenging Angel

My novel, due out soon from Enspiren Press, is titled Avenging Angel. I invite you to make learn more about it at my various sites, including my website, The Official Site Of Kim Smith

I write amateur sleuth mysteries, in long and short form, and you can find my first Shannon Wallace short mystery out now at MFOB . I will have another short coming out in the spring edition of this great mystery mag.

My novel, Avenging Angel, is set in the slightly fictional town of South Lake, Mississippi where my main character, Shannon Wallace, finds herself caught up in a murder and escapade with her sidekick, Dwayne Brown. Dwayne is more than just her friend, he is her avenging angel.

Join in the fun, won't you?

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Vicki Gaia said...

Sounds fun! I'm writing a book write now that has an avenging angel, but he's dark and mysterious, and deadly! :)) I'm going to check out your website and your new book!

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