Thursday, March 27, 2008

Coming Next Week

Come meet some of my fellow authors from Eternal Press. For those of you wanting information about EP's ongoing submission call, this is a perfect opportunity to ask questions and get answers. Who better to 'dish the dirt' than people with signed contracts. I'm happy to tell you, there isn't any 'dirt' to 'dish', but we'd love to discuss what we see as great growth plans. Eternal Press wants to live up to its name and we aim to help.

Starting Monday, March 31st through April 4th, I'll be hosting some of my good friends and talented peers. I already have a great ensemble of awesome story tellers lined up, and a wide selection of genres. I expect more will be added between now and the start day. Come meet:

Clare London
Carol Shenold
Rita Karnopp
Tabitha Shay
Sloane Taylor

Mark you calendars and check in. I heard a rumor that there will be a contest or two. Don't miss the fun. Oh, I'll be here, too. *lol* Prissy will probably make an appearance, if I can find her.

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