Sunday, March 2, 2008

Don't Forget Tomorrow - The Blog Fest Begins

You're in for a treat. Where else can you find twenty three excellent authors willing to come and tell you about their books and lives? I've lined up quite an exciting array of cross-genre authors and I hope you'll stop by. Don't forget the READERS only contest. If you are non-published and leave a comment identifying yourself as a reader during the blogathon, you might be the lucky winner of a virtual basket of goodies. So far I have a great array of PDF books, for example:

Diane Wylie's Secret & Sacrifices
Lea Schias' Rock of the Realm
Tabitha Shay - Witch's Heart

I'll be twisting arms and if we can get more, I'll have two winners. See you tomorrow when the blogging really begins.

Oh...I can't forget Prissy:

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