Monday, March 3, 2008

Tangled Hearts by Rosemary Morris

My infant memories are of the stories I made up, the stories read to me and the night sky coloured by fires, the aftermath of incendiary bombs.

I grew up first in Kent and then Surrey from where I visited ‘the sights’ such as St Pauls Cathedral, the Tower of London, Westminster Cathedral, Dick Whittington’s stone on Highgate Hill and St James Park. In the countryside, to name a few, I visited Hampton Court, Richmond, Windsor and Eton. My heritage inspired my love of history. I read voraciously and my imagination grew.

My late husband encouraged me to pursue my dream of becoming a published author. If he were alive today he would be proud to know I have achieved my ambition to be a published author.

Writing, researching and reading must run in my veins and I am so glad that I joined the Historical Fiction Critique Group and through the owner, Anne Whitfield, submitted my novel to Enspiren Press which accepted Tangled Hearts.

Every time I look at my debut novel a thrill runs through me. For months the hero and heroine, Chesney and Richelda, stayed by my side at the computer and while going about my daily business. Their life is so interesting that I suffered withdrawal pangs after I typed ‘The End’.

Richelda and Chesney lived in England during the reign of the last of the Stuart monarch, Queen Anne, who ruled from 1702 – 1714. In common with the rest of the population Chesney and Richelda suffered fears and uncertainties about who would reign after the queen’s death. The economic and political situation affected every aspect of my hero and heroine’s lives. I fell in love with the period’s elaborate clothes, stylish houses sumptuous food and the concept of honour and dishonour at that time. I have now written a novel set in the same period called Tangled Lives which I hope Enspiren Press will publish.

Being a historical novelist is amazing. It sweeps the author into another time and place with all the happiness and tears the characters experience.

Authors want to share their tales with readers which leads to the challenge of how to publicise their books. I live in England. When Tangled Hearts is available in my home county, I plan to promote them, in bookshops, libraries and elsewhere. In the old days Enspiren Press would have sent me on a book tour. Today, my commissioning editor, Anne Whitfield, and Enspiren Press have inspired me to blog. This enables me to keep in touch with old friends and new.

Fingers crossed, 2008 will be a fantastic year during which I will network in person and on the worldwide web to let readers know about me and my work.

Published Historical Novel. Tangled Hearts available from www.enspirenpress,, and soon from bookshops.

Work in progress. Tangled Lives



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