Saturday, March 8, 2008

Farewell and Tons of Fun

Although I didn't have a chance to post as often due to this snow storm we're having here in Montreal, and internet down most of the time, I am catchng up with tons of post readings and have to say everyone was truly amazing with great info and excerpts.

POPS: I'm kinda disappointed.

LEA: Why Pops?

POPS: Was expecting more know,not the puny details--

LEA: Okay, folks, I think it's time for me to say thank you to one and all for dropping by this awesome fest--

POPS: And getting to know me!

LEA: Thank you, Ginger, for putting this together.

POPS: Next time, Ginger, invite me only!


danetteb said...
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danetteb said...

Lol. I enjoyed the dialogue. :)

Hugs, Danette( reader)

ReadingIsSoMuchFun said...

LoL thanks for the laugh *g* :-)

I have some catching up on this blog myself. We are having very bad Thunder storms here.

LindaH *reader*

Joan said...

No thunder storms here but we have had rain. I find this a good time for reading. Wishing you the luck of the Irish.
Joan W. "Reader"

Anonymous said...

Great dialogue. I understand what you mean by the storms. We're having a doozy of a snow storm where I live. I think we're up to two feet of snow now.

Miranda (reader)

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