Sunday, March 9, 2008

Comments About Dr. Phil

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I am so appalled. I just finished watching the Dr. Phil Show and today’s topic was registered sex offenders. I’ve never given much thought to what happens to those convicted and released of sexual crimes, but today’s show prompted me to blog about it.

Today, Dr. Phil interviewed people living in an apartment complex in Long Beach, CA. The owner of the apartment evidently contracted with the government to house paroled sexual offenders. It’s true, no one wants to live next door to them, and they do need to live somewhere, but I’m appalled that some scumbag is making money from our tax dollars by housing them en masse. The property owners nearby are losing residents and income at devastating rates, and those remaining are concerned. I would be, too.

According to guests on the program, besides collecting rent from each sexual predator living in his apartment, the owner also receives $1000 per month, per parolee there. He has ousted all of the regular tenants and replaced them with those recently out of prison. I ask the question…Why are we paying to provide housing from our tax money?

Until we have stronger laws to deter people from crimes preying on the sexual vulnerability of others, the problem is never going to be solved. Considering the severity of the crime committed and removing the offending equipment might be a good deterrent. It is a well-documented fact that most offenders continue to repeat their bad behavior.

Another guest on the show, a registered sexual offender himself, admitted that the condition is never cured—the urges DO NOT go away. He’s seventy years old and still finds interest in young boys. He also molested his daughter. His honesty was frightening and very revealing. His admission that sexual urges ‘dumb down’ a person’s common sense and make them more apt to offend leaves us at the mercy of the offenders. We have to gamble that they have enough control to remove themselves from temptation. That’s not likely to happen because men, especially, are sexual beings. Unfortunately, many need it to confirm their manhood.

There are laws that prohibit sexual offenders from living within a certain distance from schools, but nothing that restrains them from day care centers or areas where children gather. In the case of the Dr. Phil guests, public beaches. I went on the sexual registry for my area and was shocked to see how many rapists and other sexual offenders live very close to my home. I urge each of you to investigate your own neighborhoods. Just go to and enter your address. You’ll be shocked, but at least you’ll be informed.


Theresa N. said...

I feel that a person willing to make money on these crimes is as awful as the person who committed the crimes.

Theresa N.

Unknown said...

I agree!


Anonymous said...

It's scary how some people will rent to anyone nowadays. I know we shouldn't discriminate against a person, but it makes me very uncomfortable living near a sex offender. Back in September, we found out that a sex offender was a renting a home on our block. Notices were passed around the surrounding neighborhood in June letting families know this, but the parents on our block were unaware until a friend of my sister's filled us in. We looked this guy up on the sex offender list and saw that he was listed. Now the kids are afraid to go outdoors and play like they used to. It's a sad way to lose your youthful innocence.

Anonymous said...

I have an organization that helps prisoners who are not getting medical care. The Jeff Dicks Medical Coalition as I believe that no matter if they are in prison, everyone deserves medical care.

So many people have been sent to prison for life for crimes like writing a check, stealing a bike, shop lifting and other non violent crime on the three strike law and yet, they send someone who rapes a child for a few years and they are free to do the same thing again.

I feel that anyone who rapes a child should never be set free again to repeat that crime. Usually it will escalate to a child being hurt more or even killed.

So where is the reasoning behind sending a non violent person who stole something to prison for life and letting a child rapist serve a couple of years.

Jhon mac said...

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