Monday, March 3, 2008

Introducing Clare London

Hello and Happy Monday from a cold, windy, spring-like London - and that's the city, not just me! LOL
Such fun to greet Ginger here and meet all the rest of you. I write in the m/m genre and I'm just starting out on the publishing trail. I've always enjoyed reading that genre, and now I've been writing in it too for a few years. My roots are in fanfiction where you can try out a whole bunch of genres and styles, and avoid annoying any *real* publishers, but now all my characters are my own.
I met Ginger at Eternal Press where we're both published - she has the delicious PRAIRIE PEACE and I have an anthology MASQUERADE, "4 erotic, explicit, enthralling tales of obsessive m/m love and melodrama." Just what we need to keep ourselves warm this spring, right?! ^__^
I love the community spirit on the blogs, making me wonder how authors managed to find enough support and sounding-boards before the net - but it goes to show that we just adapt to the current world, wherever we are and however we write. I write entirely on screen, with a bunch of flowers always in view, and around 2 lively teenagers. Don't talk to me about contemplative time for outlining...
I'm also here to share the excitement of the publication of my first novel, THE GOLD WARRIOR now available at Dreamspinner Press. "The perfect Gold Warrior and servant to his Mistress, Maen succumbs to an astonishing and illicit passion for the bold new Bronzeman."
Find all the details of my work on my website or find me on MySpace at or Authors Den

Happy Blogging, hope I didn't do anything too wrong or greedy as I'm a bit of a blogging newbie LOL
Clare :)

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Unknown said...

Clare and I've become good friends through our association with Eternal Press. I urge you to check out her work, not because she's my pal, but because she's a terrific author.


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