Monday, March 3, 2008

Introducing Shannon Wallace

Hi, my name is Kim Smith and I am the author of Avenging Angel, a new zany mystery coming soon from Enspiren Press. Thanks to Ginger for letting us all hog her blog :)

I thought it might be a great way to start out the blogging week by introducing my character. She wanted to be a little shy on me so I opted for a few questions to break the ice. Here they are : (and if you can think of more we can ply her with, leave us a comment! I love putting her on the spot!)

Shannon, how would your closest friend describe you?

My closest friend is Katie and she knows me inside and out. We’ve been friends since high school, and when we would sit at the table together in the cafeteria, people would have to come around and face us because from the back we looked so much alike. Same hair, same size. So, she would probably describe herself and say it was me.

How would your mother describe you?

My mother really didn’t get to know me well. She and Daddy were sent up to that big plantation house in the sky when they got caught in a tornado in Kansas when I was a little kid. My two paternal aunts raised me. Now if you asked them to describe me, they would just say what a pain in the butt I am. Not that I mean to be, understand, but they sort of know how to get to my tender spots with little effort.

What is your favorite vacation?

My favorite vacation would most likely be when the Mamas (my name for my two aunts) took me down to Senatobia, Mississippi to check out the college. We stayed on campus and went out to eat at the local eatery. Of course, that was not anything close to as good as my aunt Tillie’s restaurant, but hey, it was something different.

What is your favorite time of the day?

The time of day? Gosh, I guess, seven pm. It’s after the news shows, Entertainment Tonight, and all that. It’s when American Idol comes on and when the game shows go off. I guess if I can make it to seven pm without falling asleep, I’ll take it as my favorite time of the day.

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Unknown said...

Kim is another great friend I've found through sharing a mutual publisher. I haven't yet had a chance to read her work, but I'm intrigued by what I've read here. I look forward to more.


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