Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Stopping in

Thanks to Ginger for inviting us all to participate.
This time I'm posting an excerpt, but Friday I can post about my first meeting with some fans. Woo hoo! I'm excited about it.

The other thing I'm excited about is that at one of my two part time jobs, we've moved into a new office. Of course there are bumps in the road. Can't find things. My computer program didn't work nor was the computer hooked to a printer. Which I really need!
Anyway, because I couldn't do my administrative work yesterday, I taught instead. And got to have lunch with an instructor I hadn't seen for awhile. He's fascinating to talk to. He's a flight medic. So when you see a medevac helicopter he might be on it!

Anyway, here's my excerpt.
Oh and I'll be a featured author tomorrow at Forbidden Fruit is Sweeter yahoo group. Stop by and say hello.

The corpse grabbed her arm with cool fingers.
Grace Harmony took a deep breath, the antiseptic hospital smell filling her nostrils. “What?”
The lifeless woman’s eyes flipped open. “Help.” Her voice came out as hollow and raspy, a lone word uttered in a subway underpass. Grace cringed as the chill moved along her skeleton, settling in the marrow.
She glanced at the door. No one would come to save her.
“Let me guess. You’ve been murdered.”
“Yes,” the corpse said, the last part sounding like a snake.
The noise sent a shudder through Grace’s body, but only briefly. Talking to dead bodies had ceased to scare her.
Dragging in a ragged breath, Grace braced herself for the time slip, the trek down the dark tunnel. “What’s your name?”
“Dolores Holten.”
Colors danced and flashed before Grace’s eyes as if they were a precursor to a migraine. Numbness deadened her limbs. She catapulted down a black shaft; only the passing of lights indicated movement. Her breath caught in her throat as her nose filled with a burning electrical scent. A sneeze that would have relieved her didn’t come.
Something squeezed her body, but not for long. Then she slammed into a wall and she was back in time.

Available at Amazon, Fictionwise, among other places.


Caffey said...

Christ, whats your book title? Too your site? I didn't get all the info, , thanks!

Caffey said...

I meant to say Chris, sorry!

Amy said...
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