Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Do You Kindle?

I don't, at least not yet, but I have a feeling I'm falling in love...

I have to admit Amazon's Kindle does attract my attention. It's still a little expensive for me as yet, but I have it on my wish list and will keep an eye on the price, hoping that in a year or so it might go down. Don't tell me I'm wishful thinking, please, I couldn't bear it.

So anyway, I went to visit the Amazon Kindle page and found that Amazon have sold out of the little machine, which surpised me. I watched the little video and was very impressed with it's features, and Kindle was pushed up a bit higher on my wish list! :o)

I was even more impressed and surprised when I saw my historical WWII romance, Broken Hero, was available for Kindle. Does that make me no longer a Kindle virgin?

So if you do Kindle, drop me a line and let me know how you like it. I promise I'll not get too jealous.

hugs, Anne.~ 


danetteb said...

Hi Anne,

I don't Kindle, but my DH finally fixed my PSP so I can read eBooks on it. The only problem I have is the program I have only reads html's and most of my eBooks are Pdf's.

Hugs, Danette

Caffey said...

I have the ebookwise and I'm happy with it. yeah got to do some converting but I love the bigger size and backlight! I don't think the kindle has that. Too I saw a couple sites post about new ebook readers so I'm watching that. I wonder if you have all these ebooks that you already own, if you can read on a Kindle if you got one?

Danette, alot of my PDF's I convert to text then put into my ebookwise. I did that before with a PDA, cuz the PDF's often didn't work good in the PDA's. Whats a PSP? A PDA is like a palm, small thing (I hated the size, strained my eyes).

Caffey said...

Anne, wanted to say too this book sounds so good too! I love historicals. I don't think I read any at this setting tho before with WWII.

Amy said...

I don't Kindle and don't intend to at this point. I read ebooks on my Palm T/X, which is small enough for my arthritic hands to hold comfortably in one hand, and use that same hand to "turn pages." I can read multiple formats, use it for all PDA functions, internet, music player, etc. It has a mini-version of Microsoft Office for updating/syncing documents with your desktop. It's backlit and fits easily into a pocket or purse. If I were to spend as much as a Kindle costs, I'd put the money toward a laptop, instead.

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