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The Vampire Family, Chapter 2

Hello again, My Loves!

Since I had a few comments about Chapter 1, here's the second Chapter of The Vampire Family for your cravings!

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The Vampire Family


Kristin Battestella

Chapter 2

Antonio sat on a pile of hay. He violently plucked and pulled the straw apart.

“If he wants us to leave, he will have to build a wagon to carry us,” Antonio groaned to Elizabeth and kept his back to her. “He can build it himself.”

Antonio threw the piece of hay aside and picked up another, “I will not help him.”

“We must go live with Uncle Henry. I don’t think even you can stop that,” Elizabeth hobbled from the barn as Antonio glared after her.


The sun shined on the town gate, and a partly finished castle lay beyond. The tiny wagon teetered to the new home, and Antonio looked at his tout Uncle Henry, “When did this happen?”

“It’s been growin’ steady. Sheepin’ is good business. I offered your dad a piece awhile back, but he refused it.”

Portly though he was, Henry’s face showed the wear and tear of his business. Still, he was jovial nonetheless.

“It’s amazing,” Elizabeth’s voice held a note of awe. They crossed the stone bridge over the thick moat and rode under the stone archway. Guards kept watch from the towers above.. Antonio stared at the turrets on the castle.

“What exactly is your position in all this?” Antonio asked Uncle Henry.

“It’s all mine,” Henry smiled. “I’m not really a King, but I am the ruler here. More like a First Citizen actually.”

Ann and Elizabeth looked at Antonio. He wondered if they saw his evil plans churning in his eyes and chuckled.

“When I move on, all this goes to my son Gaston,” Uncle Henry twisted to face the young man. . “You remember Gaston, don’t you, Antonio?”


The rickety wagon pulled up to the Castle door. A young girl opened the door and ran out. . Antonio stared intently, smitten by this auburn haired, emerald-eyed beauty.

“My little Romina!” Uncle Henry stepped down and pulled his angelic child into his arms. . “Romina, this is Antonio. Antonio, Romina.”

Antonio bowed, “It is an honor to know the same blood runs through our veins.” He took Romina’s hand and tried to kiss it, but she pulled away before his lips met the fair and soft flesh. He knew he had her cornered with his very presence. Somehow, Romina would learn to live with him-and like it.


“Do you think she is promised to someone?” Antonio asked Ann.

“Romina?” Ann maneuvered the topsoil around her plants and planted her seeds on the side of the castle. Antonio didn’t help, just stood above her and blocked the daylight.

“Of course Romina. She is some sort of Princess or lady or something. Do you think she is promised to someone?”

“I suppose.”

“Do you think she likes me?” Antonio looked at Ann instead of daydreaming.

“Well, Antonio,” Ann looked up at him. “She didn’t seem to.”

“She didn’t like me?” Antonio pouted.

“Not really, Antonio.”

Ann stopped her gardening.

“We have a chance for a new life here. There’s no need to chase what cannot be had.”

Antonio clenched his fist. Ann stood and flinched away, yet she studied his profile. Antonio smirked at his control over her, then walked away with no care for the ward’s opinion.

“Then I’ll make her like me.”


Gaston rode through the main street lined with his worshippers. His bay horse was tall., Antonio’s cousin was sandy haired, grey eyed, tall, and proud. Gaston sat high above the peasants brushing his legs and waved. Antonio watched this spectacle from his room high in the castle.

A new casualty.

The door to Antonio’s room swung open.

“Have you seen my pin?” Ann hurried in and took the brush off the table. She brushed her hair a few times and opened one of the table’s wooden drawers.

“Did you ask Elizabeth?” Antonio removed his booted foot from the windowsill and turned his concentration from the street charade to Ann. She looked under a pile of clothes, in a trunk, and the table again.

Antonio straightened his plaid dressing and smoothed his white blouse with his hands. Ann stomped in frustration but caught his humor.

“Are you making fun of me?”

“Of course I am,” Antonio approached her, but Ann’s hair was hanging in her face. Antonio reached up softly and swept the delicate hair back behind her ear.

“I like your yellow dress. It’s like your hair. You look lovely. Now, let’s hurry before we miss him,” Antonio pressed Ann out the door. He glimpsed his ax among his bed sheets, then left.


Gaston dismounted at the front of the castle as Antonio watched from inside the door.

“Glad you’re back in one piece, lad,” Uncle Henry shook hands with his son.

“Thank you, Father,” Gaston noticed Ann and Elizabeth with his sister. “I’ m glad to be back.”

Romina took Gaston’s hand, “These are our cousins, Ann and Elizabeth.”

Gaston took a fair hand from each sister and kissed them both. Antonio shifted as he cringed in the doorframe.

“Seems that Romina forgot about our other new arrival,” Henry put his arm around Gaston and led him to the door. “Gaston, this is Antonio.”

Gaston bowed his head as Antonio removed himself from the doorframe. He slowly sulked towards Gaston. Antonio’s body language told his opinion of Gaston and his arrival perfectly.

You shouldn’t be here.

Gaston put out his hand for a handshake, but Antonio ignored the outstretched hand. He stood still while Antonio’s eyes examined him, but Uncle Henry slapped both of them on the back, unaware.

“Come inside, boys. The butcher will have something special ready.”


Caffey said...

Is that where the horror comes in at the end of the excerpt Kristen? I'm a wimp when it comes to horror, LOL. But I so love vampire romance. So I wondered what I would expect in this book under horror? Thanks.

Kristin Battestella said...

Hi Caffey!

Horror can be defined any number of ways. In short, I take it as whatever will make the reader uncomfortable. We've already had a rape and some murder, that's real life horror, and as The Vampire Family matures, we discover the twisted and horrific nature they all share. Doesn't mean they don't try and be good and get some loving-it just doesn't always work out that way!

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