Monday, April 7, 2008

My New Video Trailer

I have a very close friend at Trailmix video, and she stayed up late last night redoing the trailer for Sarah's Journey. I absolutely love the music, and of course, the new cover fits the story perfectly. I'll be at the Eternal Press April Launch this morning, so if you get a chance, stop by and chat. Sarah's not coming until next month, but I'll be talking about Paging Dr. Jones.

Eternal Press Readers Group

Enjoy Sarah's Teaser:


Elena Dorothy Bowman said...


I loved your trailer. I could just see all that was happening to Sarah as I watched. And the cover of your book is absolutely fantastic. Wishing you many, may sales on your book(s).


Anonymous said...

Looks good! Just one small change...I don't think she's waiting for a "Calvary" as that's a representation of a crucifix, but rather the "Cavelry". I bet you never noticed it.
Love you,
Your Sister
(Gwenn, the smart one)

Unknown said...

Well, you're half smart anyhow. I did know the difference, but it's these flying fingers that don't. I've changed it to the correct spelling "cavalry". Thanks for catching it for me. Nothing makes an author look dumber than misspellings. *lol*


Anonymous said...

I spelled it wrong on purpose in my attempt to see if you would notice. Actually, I'm lying because I had to look it up in the dictionary and I still got it wrong! You already know how I type with 2 fingers and have to keep looking at the keyboard so I can't blame it on my extrordinary speed. Damn, nothing goes right for me. I thought about blaming Glynda for using my name, but we both know you wouldn't have bought that!
Your Sister
(Still the smart one)

Unknown said...

I know your smart. I've always admired you that. :)


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