Thursday, April 3, 2008


Hi Readers,
As usual, when I sit down to blog I never have a solid idea of what I'm going to blog about, I'm one of those write by the seat of my pants kinda persons. But I decided I'd share my latest, exciting new with everyone. I feel I've been blessed by my publisher, Eternal Press because they just recently sent me six new contracts to sign. I was WOWED when I got the email. I was expecting two contracts for the two books we'd agreed on and I have coming out this year. I know six contracts probably isn't a world record or anything, but it's a record for me. So, readers, through the coming months, I look forward to see my novels, new book covers and my name going up on my website and the website of my publisher and anywhere else my books are sold. It's always thrilling to see your new book cover for the first time. I don't know why, maybe it becomes a reality when you see that cover with your name upon it. Presently, you can find my name (Tabitha Shay) on two novels: Witch's Brew and Witch's Heart, the first two books from the Winslow Witches of Salem Series. Later this year, the third book, Witch's Moon will released, not sure if will be Oct. or Dec. yet when it comes out. Also this year, two of my contemporary western romances under my other pen name (Jaydyn Chelcee) will be released. In the Arms of Danger and No Holds Barred, are the first two books of a five book series I have planned known as the Montana Men Series. The six new contracts cover three novels each in both series, so I'm definitely going to be busy for awhile. I hope you'll pay a visit to my website at or my space site at
OR my publisher's site
I'm off now, with one last word, "Thank you, Miz Ging" for having me as a guest blogger this week. May you have lots of sales and good luck with all your future book covers. You're a very special lady who deserves only the sexiest, hottest book covers for your many wonderful novels. I'm proud to call you my friend...Tabitha Shay


Unknown said...

thank you for continuing to blog with me this week despite my dismal tale. I'm sorry if I overshadowed your good news. People have only to read one of your books and they'll understand why EP wants to keep you around.


Anonymous said...

Tabitha, Congratulations on your new contracts. I hope that all goes well with your writing and that you are offered more contracts soon.

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