Friday, April 4, 2008

A New Day, A New Attitude

Yesterday was not a pleasant day for me, and I blogged about it, released my anger and let it go. I urge everyone else to do the same. Releasing hurt and frustration is a healing process and I feel so much better.

The past is the past, I prefer to look to the future. A book cover is such a small thing when you put your life into perspective. Old grudges, bad feelings, and sad memories do nothing but weigh a person down and keep them from optimism, healthy karma and progression.

I once went to a meeting of a organization called "Astro Soul." I was very leery at first but tried to remain open-minded. The members of this group have dedicated themselves to freeing spirits trapped here in time and leading them to the 'white light' so they can move on. It's believed that spirits cling to human form for various reasons, one being familiarity with you in a past or present life. Their energy is a drain on yours. It was hard to tell from the 'healings' that were taking place, because I was only an onlooker, so I decided to become a participant. It turns out that one of the people that unknowingly rode to the meeting in my car, (along with several others) knew me from a life when we were both stone masons working on a castle turret. I was a man at the time and fell to my death because of this person. He remained behind to try to make amends with me. The silly thing is that I was plagued for years with a mysterious neck ache, and one he went, so did the pain. I've never had it again.

Okay, so my credibility is in question. Sure, I had to stop watching Marcus Welby because I always seemed to wake with the symptoms from the previous evenings program, but I swear the other things I heard that night made sense too. One can only hope there is a "bright light" at the end of this life, and not that proverbial train that seems to hit us head on from time to time. So, today, I'm being my own bright light and walking through to something much more positive than that upon which I dwelled yesterday. Join me, won't you.

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