Saturday, April 5, 2008


My awesome friend and cover artist, Julie D'arcy has once again risen to the occasion. I truly owe her for all she's been through with me, and I'm so proud of the new cover for Sarah's Journey. Hopefully this will put to rest all the controversy over me using the other image for any book that bears my name. I can only hope this one meets with everyone's approval. I know for certain I'll not buy another promotional item until the book is published and available for sale. *lol*

Hopefully all this hoopla has created such an interest that Sarah's Journey will be a big hit. *big smile*


Anonymous said...

Lovely, Ginger. I really like it.


Anonymous said...

Ginger, I'm so glad you got another great cover. Much success to you with it.

Anonymous said...

Well, Ginger, I think this cover has a stronger period feel. You are most fortunate to have had your cover run through the mill and ground into dust only to have been fashioned into the most perfect celebratory cake. The trimmings are what makes the cake, m'dear!

Kelley said...

Wow Ginger! I back that you had some issues with your pending release that was pulled. I've been reading all the posts on Dear Author about everything and I saw you had a comment or two but it didn't register it was you until I followed some of the links about the cover fiasco and found you. Sorry to hear you got caught up in all that mess also. But this is a great cover and I'm glad you came out of it with ths great new one. (((HUGS)))

Unknown said...

Thanks for the nice post. My whole association with that house was a nightmare from day one because of ONE person. The good news is that I got my book and rights back unlike other authors who are unjustly tied to them for 7 long years.

I've never been one for fighting. I've always been the peace keeper so this has been very difficult for me.

I'm very happy you stopped by. I love this cover, too...for more reasons than the obvious. *lol*


Kelley said...

I'm glad I dropped by also. I hardly ever remember to pop over to blogger to read blogs of friends unless somehting happens to remind me or I follow the crumbs.

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