Friday, May 16, 2008

To Lift or Not to Lift - That is the Question

Quite Often I've pondered what I would do if I had excess money. Would I invest it in a face lift and try to get rid of the wrinkles that have crept around my eyes, or the pleats that have invaded the space between my lips and nose. Would I try to have a surgeon move some of the fat from my hips back into my neck to tighten up that sagging skin that makes me look like one of those wrinkly Shar-Pei dogs?

I've been looking at celebrities who've had them, and I've definitely decided against doing anything to interfere with nature. After seeing Joan Rivers recently, who is looking more and more like an oriental Michael Jackson, I've decided to let time takes it course. I offer the following pictures to support my decision:

Can you recognize Joan Van Ark?

Whew! What is with the puffy lips that seem to be all the rage these days?



Mary said...

I always wonder, why do that to yourself? Duh, it doesn't look good unless your Angelina Jolie and her lips are the real deal.

Nice blog,

lastminute fl├╝ge said...

I am always wonder. you do not self.

Anonymous said...

and I was just eating my breakfast...

I mean, we all want to look good, but I remember my Mum saying - when I was a teenager and moaning about my knock knees or my nose or my too-big boobs or something equivalent, there's such a long list *lol* - that I should never have any surgery unless I *had* to.

I've used that maxim ever since. Apart from the fact I don't have the money for cosmetic surgery and also suffer a pathological fear of anaesthetic *lol*

I can't see the point, to tell you the truth. Everyone knows you've had it and you're still the same biological age - it doesn't really hold back change. And that's how we should see it - as changing, not ageing. It should be embraced.

And of course, the person I can least persuade of that is myself, because I'm having a h*** of a time coming to terms with my own age ^_~

Happy weekend!
Clare London :)

Estella said...

What is the purpose? In the end you look like the devil.

Latesha said...

It's sad that people can't be happy with the looks they've be blessed with. It's down-right frightening that doctors let them leave the office looking like a freaky show.

Mallory said...

Most people who do plastic surgery look fine before the surgery. Look at these: Were these people ugly before plastic surgery?
What is wrong with society?
What are people thinking when they go under the knife?
If you get plastic surgery once you’ll have to continue to get it.
These people look simply ridiculous!
I refuse to let magazines, videos, and dumb celebrities tell me what beauty is.
God made me beautiful inside and out.
As a mother of a little girl and boy, I refuse to let them think they are not beautiful people.
Perhaps their parents should have taught them the same!!

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