Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Excerpt - Soul Bonds - GLBT - Lynn Lorenz

Soul Bonds, out now at Loose Id, is a contemporary paranormal set in Houston.

Blurb - When Mitchell meets Sammi in a gay bar, he has no idea the man who has set him on fire is on the run from a man willing do anything to get Sammi back. But, is Mitchell willing to do what it takes to keep Sammi?

Excert -

Sammi slipped between the shadows of the houses that bordered the avenue. His heart thudded as he pressed his back against the rough brick, and with a quick swipe he pushed back the hair that fell over his eyes. There was no way he was going back to Donovan.
Enough was enough.
With his teeth clenched so tight they ached, Sammi watched for the black Town Car. Donovan and his men would be looking for him again tonight. Sammi didn’t know how much longer he could survive on the streets of Houston. For someone with no money, no identity, and no friends, they could be deadly.
The bar was just half a block away.
If he ran, he could be inside before the traffic light at the corner changed. He bent, his lean body coiled to spring from his position, when Donovan’s black Lincoln slid around the corner, and like a shark looking for prey, cruised toward him.
With a quick gasp he blocked off his mind and disappeared into the shadows.
The car slowed, pulled to the curb, and stopped in front of the bar.
Sammi exhaled. Three breaths later the passenger door opened. Sammi watched as Donovan’s muscle Moretti pried his massive body from the seat and then disappeared inside the nightclub. Moretti would be getting some odd looks, but it wouldn’t be the first time the big goon had cruised bars looking for boys for his boss.
Edging closer to the corner of the house, Sammi peeked around it. Moretti had been in there for several minutes. Probably scanning the place. Maybe even barging in on the back rooms to see if Sammi was giving some pick-up head.
Fifteen minutes later, and Moretti would have caught Sammi.
Moretti’s timing sucked tonight.
The club’s door opened and Moretti exited. With a shake of his cue ball head, he wedged himself back in the car and slammed the door shut. The Town Car pulled away from the curb and headed toward Sammi, hidden in the shadows. Holding his breath, terrified he’d give away his hiding place, he slipped the small folding knife from his pocket and flipped it open. He’d rather die than go back to Donovan.
His only hope for safety lay inside the bar. Once there, he’d open his mind, find a willing partner, and get off the streets for the night.
The car stopped at the light. Sammi let out a slow breath. The light changed and the traffic began moving. With another four deep breaths, he watched as the Town Car disappeared in the heavy traffic of Montrose. He closed the knife with a click and shoved it back into his jeans.
Sammi broke from the shadows and raced to the bar’s entry.

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