Wednesday, June 18, 2008

"My Book is Better Than Mine" Debate Club

In a recent phone-in conference with my muse (currently on unscheduled hiatus in the Caribbean), it came to this author's attention that some rivalry exists between my two released novels. Seems that the characters in VISIONS and A GRAND SEDUCTION are all of a single mind—that their book is the best to spring from my gray matter (and the world, but that's fodder for a whole different discussion).

What's a writer to do when their creations are at each other's throats like petulant children, each wanting the shotgun seat on a family drive? I'm going to let them settle this the diplomatic way...a debate.

Let's meet our contestants:

Representing Team Visions:
Trenton Dane: Devilishly handsome, madly wealthy movie star with a soft spot for kids and friends, and a hard spot for the love of his life, Glory
Glory Windsor: Beauty in a slightly plus-sized package, Glory is a psychic with a troubled past...and a steamy future with the hottest stud to come out of Hollywood this week

Representing Team A Grand Seduction:
Ridelle Walters: This sassy girl-next-door has a hoard of brothers, a father beyond ready to cut the financial apron strings, and a secret...even from her best friends.
Dominique Trudeaux: Sleek as a sexy jaguar, Dominique is the designer brains behind a seduction-for-hire scheme she's not afraid to do some wet work for.

As decided by a coin toss backstage, Team Visions will begin.

Glory: Thank you.

Dominique: I'm surprised you guys even showed up, being psychics and all. Surely you saw you're about to get trounced?

Glory: Excuse me, but I do believe Lisa said it was my turn?

Dominique: I was the captain of my high school debate team, you know.

Glory: ::rolls eyes:: Look, Visions is better because we were first. We hold a special place in Lisa's heart, one no book in the future can ever have. And I don't need to be psychic to see it. What can possibly beat that?

Dominique: Sheer math, for starters. We've got four main characters; you've only got two. ::waggles brow at Trenton:: Of course, you get extra points for the stud factor, but strength in numbers and all. We four are very close and...wait a minute. Oh, Ridelle dear, what's all this about “a secret...even from your best friends?”

Ridelle: No clue. ::whispers:: Way to go, Plot Spoiler. Shouldn't authors know better?

Lisa Logan: It's not a spoiler, it's a teaser.

Trenton: Ladies, if we could reel this back in? I have to be on set in an hour. Now, I'm not one to brag, but...

Dominique: Honey, if I looked like you I'd do nothing but brag...while staring in a mirror.

Trenton: ...but our book features my zero-entry pool with waterfall in Beverly Hills, and a kitchen the size of Idaho.

Ridelle: We've got a kitchen like that in A Grand Seduction...and a scene about dolphin-safe tuna.

Trenton: Oh. Well, I do get to have these steamy psychic dreams when Glory and I are still strangers. She's naked in bed, see, and as I move over her I see she's got the sexiest crescent-shaped birthmark on her--

Glory: Trenton!!

Trenton: Sorry, got carried away. But those dreams...good God, they still get me going.

Jade Windsor: Hey, you guys gonna hurry it up or what? Some of us backstage still want to be kids when their sequel gets written!

Glory: ::spins around, flushed:: Jadey honey,you're supposed to be waiting with Clarice. (How do kids always manage to sense when the mood turns racy?) Anyway, I get chased by paparazzi down Rodeo Drive, and...

Trenton: You know, baby, Jade's actually got an interesting point.

Glory: What? You're not suggesting I'm getting too old to star in my own book?

Trenton: Not that part...::takes her hand; her eyes flutter in silent communication::

Dominique: ::clears throat:: Yes, well, when you two get back from wherever you just went, you'll see that we have more characters, sex, intrigue, sex, mystery...

Glory: ::smiles:: Yes, but we are getting a sequel.

Ridelle: Yeah? Well WE have dancing dildos! Wait...they're getting a sequel?

Trenton: Wait. Dancing...dildos?

::blink blink::


- -- --- ----

Lisa Logan: So, I trust I've made my point?

Glory: That we each have unique, compelling elements that make us both best in our own right?

Lisa Logan: No, that arguing in public makes you look really ridiculous. Didn't you learn anything from the election primaries?

Dominique: Point taken. Let's say we hit Odette's for lunch? ::slides an arm through Trenton's:: Tall, dark, and movie star here can tell me all about these dreams of his.

Glory: ::fists hips:: Oh, honeyyy...what do your psychic powers say about what I'm thinking right now?

Ridelle: No need for the crystal ball, sister. We can all hear it.

Lisa Logan: Okay! Well, uh, so glad to see you're all friends again.

(Heavens help me, what am I going to do when the next books hit and there are witches, vampires and demigods in this mix?)

Thanks to Ginger Simpson for hosting the “My Book is Better” debate today. Here's wishing you a content, friendly bunch of characters as you write in your wildest dreams. I'm going to grab an aspirin.

Lisa Logan is a romantic fiction author with two novels and several anthologies in current release, and three others under consideration. She is the editor of and for Eternal Press, and founded the Green Writing Challenge. Visit Lisa at


Unknown said...

Lisa, what an absolutely genius idea. I hope you don't mind if I steal if sometime. I get tired of the same stale interview questions and posting the same excerpts.

I was so entertained. Delightful!

Kudos to you and your teams. :)


Renee Knowles said...

Lisa, this is great! What a wonderful post!


Lisa Logan said...

Thank glad you guys enjoyed it. Steal was a blast to write.

Desirée Lee said...


Characters take us in so many directions, don't they? Each demands their own attention.

Thanks to Ginger for posting an announcement about this blog on CataNetwork-Readers. I'm glad I clicked the link and read this.

It gave me a laugh and yet also an inward groan because my own characters are all clamoring for my attention now.

Carpe Noctem,

Desirée Lee
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