Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Priceless Gift

My short story at The Wild Rose Press, THE PRICELESS GIFT, is a number one best seller. It tells the story of Gavin and Christine, two people who were burned in the past by people they loved. They have a lot of baggage with them when they meet while on a Mediterranean cruise. Because of that, they don't reveal their true identities, which might have been a good idea in hind sight, since they fell in love with each other. But they didn't and when the cruise was over, Christina returned to Hawaii and Gavin returned to his ranch in Montana. Little did they know that Santa had secret plans to bring these two people together.

The opening line of this story is one of my all time favorites. Here's the opening paragraph:

Gavin Holloway was a leg man and the legs standing beside the information desk had more than his attention on alert. Her short skirt showed off nearly all of her sexy, lightly tanned legs and molded the cutest ass he’d seen in quite a while…not since he’d been with Lynn on that cruise six months before.

What's your favorite open lining? Either one you wrote or one you read in someone else's books?

~ Anna Kathryn Lanier


Unknown said...

I agree...that's a pretty enticing opening. Good job!


Anonymous said...

Ok Ginger I am checking in! I came over and checked out your blog after I saw it posted on gingersgroup to see what the hubbub was all about. Not bad!

Anna Kathryn Lanier said...

Thanks, Ginger. There's a pretty hot sex scene, but contrary to the opening line, it's not an erotica. And I had to put those legs in the sex scene, LOL, after I'd written the story and realized I never mentioned them again. Not good, with such an enticing opening line.

Anna Kathryn

Desirée Lee said...

"and the legs standing beside the information desk had more than his attention on alert."

Great mental image that conjures up!

As for my favorite opening line from what someone else has written? Hmmm... I'll have to think about that. There are many great authors and it is hard to whittle them down.

As for a favorite opening from my own work, I think this one is currently on the top of my list. This is the opening paragraph of my paranormal entitled Last Chance Upon a Murder. This book is currently submitted to a publisher, awaiting response.

A murder of crows inked the sky. Giana watched in rapt curiosity as the ominous living cloud approached with unnatural speed. She sat on the windowsill, beguiled by the sight. The sun crept lower on the horizon behind the oncoming horde casting the ebony creatures in malefic silhouette.

Carpe Noctem,

Desirée Lee
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