Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Greetings from the other side of Tennessee

Hey y'all! (done in my best Paula Deen voice) -- thank you, Ginger, for allowing us to use up your blog for our promoting, befriending, and all around goofing off.

I have just finished book two in my Shannon Wallace Mystery series, lovingly titled, Buried Angel. Now the fun stuff begins. The edits. Oh joy!

Book one, Avenging Angel, will be released this year from Enspiren Press, and I hope to have a cover soon to tout along with all of my EP buds. This is an exciting time for all of us over at Enspiren Press, as it is growing leaps and bounds.

Avenging Angel is about a good old southern girl, who just happens to be a little naive and gets herself into some pickles. By pickles, I am thinking eating sushi because it has rice on it, not knowing that the green wasabi sauce is hot, and the result is hilarious-sort of pickles. She's kooky, is Shannon Wallace.

Her side-kick is a brash black man named Dwayne Brown. He's fast with a gun, great with fashion, and has a serious crush on the detective of the current murder case going on in the story. The detective, Salvador Ramirez, is one hot Mexican chile pepper, and keeps his friends close but his enemies closer, and until he decides where Shannon falls on that list, he'll be watching her.

Come on along, join in the fun! You can find out all the latest info on Avenging Angel and the whole series at my website.

Happy Tuesday, y'all!

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Ginger Simpson said...

Where in TN. I'm sure you've told me but I'm senile. :)

Avenging Angel sounds great. When I invited everyone here I didn't consider that I would end up wanting to read everything. *groaning*.


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