Monday, June 16, 2008

Hello to All

Greetings from North Carolina!
Thank you so much for your kind invitation to join your blog-a-thon, Ginger. So far, I see there are some mighty fine and interesting blogs going on here. Just to get acquainted, I guess I should mention that I am the author of THE VIOLIN published at Amira Press, The DARK ISLE from New Concepts publishing and first in the Valmora series and LAKE OF SORROWS at New Concepts publishing, second in the Valmora series. I am presently deep into my WIPs, The Light of Valmora and Harmonica Joe's Reluctant Bride.

I am the workshop coordinator for Carolina Romance Writers, my local chapter of RWA so, if any of you are interested in presenting an online class, get in touch with me. I love these workshops and I really want to get some good stuff out there.

I was raised to love books, respect nature and have compassion for my fellow human beings and all creatures of the earth. Okay, maybe not feeling the love so much for cockroaches and mosquitoes but the rest of the creatures are cool. Speaking of cockroaches: I watched The Discovery Channel's When Humans Disappear show and was very happy to know that cockroaches would freeze to death if humans didn't keep them warm. I always thought they would inherit the earth. Mosquitoes might because I didn't see anything killing them but bats and frogs. Tough call on that but I think frogs and bats have moved up in my esteem.

Sorry, sort of got off on a thing there. Anyway, I just want to say hello and hope to know you all better as time goes by.
All good things to your corner of the universe.
Sarah McNeal

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Ginger Simpson said...

Sara...great to see you here. I have to say I love the name, of course I spelled it a little differently in Sarah's Journey.

Looks like this Sara has been a busy girl, too. I'm happy you could share some time with us.


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