Monday, June 16, 2008

Greetings From Buffalo! - And yes, it has stopped snowing

Ginger, Thanks so very much for th opportunity to join you this week in the Great Blog-a-thon. With your permission, I'll introduce your gentle readers to my latest novel, Key Lime Squeeze, due out in September, I hope.

Key Lime Squeeze follows Buffalo P.I. Joe Banks as he tracks runaway husband and insurance executive, Robert Boothby, all the way to Key West. But this is no ordinary midlife crisis victim, because he runs away with the money he helped his criminal in-laws steal from his own company, and Banks finds himself saddled with the family’s enforcer for a traveling companion. They soon discover they aren’t the only ones looking for Boothby, leading to a confrontation with Banks’ old mentor-turned-mercenary who is looking not only to recover the stolen money, but also to blackmail the Cantolinos at the same time. The job becomes a game of cat and mouse with the Cantolino crime family, as allies become enemies, and enemies turn to allies, with help coming from a most surprising source. Even the police can’t be trusted when there’s so much money at stake. The story twists and turns to the very end, as Banks discovers who to trust, and who’s in on the squeeze.

Inspired by the novels of Robert B. Parker, Janet Evanovich, and the classic detectives of John MacDonald and Raymond Chandler, the Joe Banks series uses action, suspense and humor in telling the story of a family man whose career often puts him at odds with his own beliefs. Key Lime Squeeze is packed with colorful characters and fast paced action from the first page to the last.

For more information on this and other fine books from Enspiren Press, please visit the publishers website at

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Ginger Simpson said...

Not another one. I'm suffering here. I've got a growing list on my desk of books I really want to read after spending the day with these authors. I've seen Key Lime Squeeze at Enspiren, because we share the same publisher, but this is the first time I've taken time to read more about it. I'm hooked. Love these mysteries. :)


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